I started playing WKC1 a year after it's EU release date when all of the patches and updates were in the game and enjoyed WKC1 a lot.

If it wern't for this wiki i wouldn't have had such a good time in WKC1 so I now update the WKC wiki, as my way of giving back to the community of gamers that helped me when i needed it most, in WKC1.

My avatar's name in WKC is Kaya, as it is on here so feel free to say Hi! If you see a Kaya in the game I'm probably the Kaya that has edited and created many pages on this wiki.

I'm currently a member of the humble "hyperdragon" guild - where friendship matters :-)

Feel free to visit the guild and join if you're looking for help and to have fun and jokes without feeling the need to be competitive.

So come and check out my hometown, adventure logs and guild in WKC2 via my PSN name J-Flames.

All The Best,


Recent Updates: New DLC quest pages, Sword Mage Guide & some minor edits on existing pages.




☆Kaya - GR30
★Class - Short Sword/Sword Mage/Bow
☆AVG Stats: STR 200 MAG 510(with dagger) DEF 880 RES 300 DEX 120 AGI 160

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