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Jul 2, 09 10:44pm

God. I'm such a bitch. :3 I love how a ranted on and on about pointless things in my profile and told everybody how I was going to leave.
Back now, Officialy. Not going to be posting too much. Just here for the PMlove and um...Neohome I guess..Plus blogs X3

Not expecting to do a "fresh start" process, trying to forgive everybody and that crap. Just going to talk to a few people, DA, Jazz and uhh some other people >-<;

But while I WAS gone, I got together with that girl I love (Jamie) And broke up with her 2 months after, after realizing what a bitch she was.

Don't know how the hell I picked her.

ogay gais. That's all i had to say. Go back to what you were previously doing. <3

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Jan 8, 09 7:12am

Team NUBS is going quite smoothly, though we did a rough job in the Digital graphics large piece contest with Kat dropping out of it giving Circe our team Looking up for her on the score, She didn't do have bad!

MastaHazuki almost got us a medal in the Pokemon battle, but lost.

For the live drawing, Neither Aether nor Circe entered, but I replaced Circe, Asking her, I got third place.

In the brawl battle, we didn't win anything....

Circe is Going out and writing till the end in the Creative essay match.

Me and Catboy14 are participating in the Photography contest.

NObody in our tean is participating in Halo 3 and Modeling or the Guitar Hero 3 match..

Peterkins is Rhyming his heart out the the Rap battle.

So far, It's good...But not good....XD

I truly thing Team CLIT is going to take the gold medal for this year.
Not to be a bad sport or anything, But still, GO TEAM NUBS. :3

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Jan 7, 09 6:30am

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann review

This 27 episode long anime, made in 07-08 really stood out to me when I looked at a couple of summaries for animes. The storyline and everything. It just..was so vivid.
The anime had a rocky start to it, but when really smooth after the beginning. This anime is Mecha, so it involves Robots and stuff, it has some mild ecchi, but no worries. ;3


The art and animation is BEAUTIFUL, some flaws here and there but it's good enough to say it's Jaw dropping. It's so colorful, vibrant and just stands out from animes like Naruto and Bleach, some of the whored animes out there.

I love the creativity put into the actually things like Kamina's awesome glasses and the Ganmen combination. It's so fun to look at and compare to the boring over used things like Shurikens and swords. I really wish the actual Manga was out..

The fighting scenes, amazing. The animation plus the actual fighting will make you beg for more and be upset when it's done.

Story Direction

Both the characters and story go so well together. There are three major facets to the anime that makes an anime stand out, the fluency of the movement, The design of the character and it's surroundings, and the locales and settings of which the characters live and travel to, TTGL..meets all three and completes them honorably.

The animation is quite simplistic but yet facking amazing, the only thing that isn't simple is the Ganmen designs and it's combination's, the lines, wires, colors, and designs, it takes a lot of creativity to do all of it.

The settings change a lot from episode to episode and the difference is amazing, they can be in an Underground village, then to a desert, then to a big city. The changes really affects how the story goes and the always go back to some of these places, it's very nice to experience these changes.


Simon (pronounced Sea-mon, not sigh-mon), the main character, lost his parents at the age of seven in a big tremor in his underground village named, Jeeha. He's light-hearted, cares for a lot of people, sensitive, and very very much like a scardey cat, but this diminishes away as Kamina taught him strength and courage.

Kamina , the main character next to Simon, is the exact opposite of young Simon, he is determined and strong willed. His father left him during childhood and proved to hi the surface existed, he then figured out he was dead shortly after he had gone to the surface form Jeeha.

Yoko , The woman with the large cleavage and the one who started the Ecchi in this Anime, is the best marksman in her village, Ritona, originally a underground village like Jeeha, but was forced to move up because of the weapons they had and the Ganmen (The robots)

Gurren, This is the large red robot that was obtained by Kamina after he defeated the original controller. This robot later on combines with Simon's Lagann, making, Gurren lagann.

Lagann, Simon's Mini-ganmen makes up the head of Gurren lagann and was discovered shortly after Simon found the Drill, also the key for activating the Ganmen, it also needs the controller to have strong emotions.

I Defiantly suggest you watch this anime if you don't mind mild ecchi, you love comedy, Mecha, and don't care if you get "alot of dirt in your eyes".

Katsumi blogged
Jan 5, 09 1:01am

Time to explain my likes and dislikes on Music! :3
Okay, when I was in my toddler years I didn't really, well,
I didn't have a wide range of taste in music, so lets skip that.
When I was 10-11 is when I started to develop a love in
music like, Paramore and bands like that as before I didn't
know why they and the other bands had such a teen craze going on.

Then Now, In my Mid-Teen Years, I looking at the Jonas brothers fan girls, ew. I was and never will be interested in bands and groups like the Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana, and the like, they're gay, stupid, and way overrated, I just don't know what the craze is all about.

I then Shifted into a more Rock type of music, Paramore and all...
Meh, I still listen to them now and then, but
I like more Rock and Electronic Rock than anything else,
Especially Arctic Monkeys, I like EVERY single song they have made so far, well, not every, the majority, how about that. My favorite song would definitely be Old yellow Bricks.

And stil today, I like all types of Rock, From Bloc Party to Incubus and From Justice to Daft Punk I love them all. <3


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