Apr 8, 12 5:38pm
is (perhaps) back..
Oct 15, 09 10:31pm
thinks the Football Manager 2010 demo is amazing. @_@
Sep 13, 09 2:46am
is playing Trival Pursuit with the family. >_>
Sep 5, 09 10:27pm
needs to find a perfect avatar. >_<
Aug 29, 09 6:23am
thought Florence The Machine were quality!
Aug 29, 09 1:31am
is gearing up for the first night of Reading
Aug 27, 09 9:02pm
is happy with his GCSE results that he received today. XD
Aug 5, 09 11:40pm
is jammin'.
Katastrophe blogged
Jul 21, 09 5:40am

I wasn't intending to write a blog for the forseeable future, I had considered writing my first on December 6th 2010, on my 1st Neoseeker Birthday, but seen as today the 20th July 2009 is a rather momentus day for me I've decided to type this little blog entry in tonight. It's now 23:15 GMT and I've spent the last few hours of the night getting to grips with being promoted to moderator of the Football Manager 2009 [PC] forum and its respected sub-forums. Considering I have only been officially on the site now for just over 7 months, I'm quite suprised at how well I've come across on Neoseeker so far, and so I hope to become an even better member as time goes on.

Neoseeker has actually changed my views and perspectives of the internet so much since joining, looking and posting in various forums and threads, finding out a lot about a wide range of topics and on top of all that, I'd probably say I have now gained a more mature attitude towards subjects online.

I will probably update this blog and add [Part 2] probably some time in the near future, probably at the end of summer, I guess then will be another time to reflect on what has happened for me since then. Ciao for now. :]

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