Aite well I'm Eddie huge rpg fan but lately I'm into violence like I said b4 I'm on halo often I'm not the best but I can carry a few teams and snipe as many as u can dish but yea that's another story hmmm well I'm just a simple working man trying 2 make my mark on the world I can fix laptops and computers depending on the problem and I'm also learning how to create artificial intel in a video game the whole entire lot so hopefully if u read this we can exchange tips =)


Hmmm well most of the time when I'm not at work I'm hunting monsters on my psp or battling it out with anyone in halo other than that you can catch me walking around blasting my Zune or shopping for new sneakers and always always always you will see me typing on my sidekick lol I'm even using it now to create this lol



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