neo-friends: i found it hard to fit in with the other members but they have helped me along the way to becoming a part of the group. those people are: __JosH__ Daly Zwannie tidus04 Anluan04 Gregthegreat RoPaDoPe and Last but not least Jespomo!!

Thank you.

The forums i use : Fifa 2005, Football (soccer) and Lma 2004 + Lma 2005. MILLWALL FOR THE PREM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERTON FOR THE CHAMPION LEAUGUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please sign my geustbook. Thank u please come again! I like chilli.

Hopefuly i will bring info to the games on neoseeker , and hay maybe some day i will achive my dream of becoming a moderator. :)


here's one of my fave sports