I am seventeen and live in northern kentucky. I make computor art and play video/card games. I enjoy hard rock and heavy metal music. I am always up for a laugh. So pm me if you know a joke i also make banners, and i play the greatest instrument of all, electric guitar.
Crud you might want to know~~~

I make banners/avatars
My runescape account is Nitroman0
I hate spinach and cantoloupe
I own every gameboy up to date
I have Beaten every metriod game to date.

My top 41 Songs-
1)It's a long way to the top
2)Immagrent Song
4)You Shook Me all Night Long
5)Rock You Like a Hurricane
6)The Deadly Sting Suit
7)Give Me Novicane
9)Aint that a Bitch
10)Paint it Black
11)Stairway to Heaven
12)Highway to Hell
13)Back in Black
16)Dirty Deeds done dirt cheap
18)Dancing in the Dark
19)Smoke on the Water
20)Flight of Icarus
21)I cant get no
22)Let the be Rock
24)Schools Out
26)Great Gig in the Sky
28)My Generation
29)Who Are You
30)Guitar and Pen
31)Purple Haze
32)Rock and Roll all Nite
33)Black Diamond
34)Kung Fu Fighting
35)U Cant Touch This
36)Lake of Fire
37)Bohemian Rhapsody
38)Goofy Goober Rock
40)Jesus of Suburbria


Desing banners
Gundam tv series
Hard Rock
Heavy Metal
Playing Guitar


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Review: Mega Man Zero - Megaman Zero

Nov 22, 2002

I really like this game and it shouldn't be a glance game. It is really fun and if you see it cheap don't pass it up. Well I would have to say there is only one thing, that it gets hard and even harder as it goes along.

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