When will other regions get some freakin events?! This is ridiculous! --Quote Bulbapedia-- Pokémon Centers in Japan

It's impossible to trade on there. Every Pokemon I find has a ridiculous request and in some cases even an impossible one

Hi everyone, I'm looking for a friend safari with Noibat. I have a flying-type safari with Swanna, Pidgey and the epic Ru

I desperately need Heracronite to finish building my Heracross! I'm also looking for: Event Pokemon (prefer legendar

What ever happened to using the term "flawless" to describe Pokemon with perfect IV's? The phrase "6IV&

My Friend Safari has these Flying type Pokemon: http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110728124219/nintendo/en/images/b/

Hey everyone I decided to post my own trading thread since there are some Pokemon I am looking for. I will keep this thread u

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