Ok Capcom, give us some albums of remixes by fans.

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Aromatisse is literally the worst Pokémon, I say this as a strong supporter of change and an... read more

Shut up Rabla

I've said before I'm a bit disappointed Aurorus didn't get a better face, but I'm relatively ok... read more

quote Genesonic
quote ichakasi
Huntereb: it looks like Dedenne, or possibly it's evolution.
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bluexy my good man, it is great to see another person who took one look at that goofy round... read more

Wait wait wait, has Bank eliminated the need to need another console to trade with yourself?

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changed his custom title to "You Rock, Mega Man."

As a man who literally turned into a screeching monkey when Mega Man was announced for Smash, this... read more

Strange that they'd add a brand new stage like this, I mean, there is definitely NOT any game I am... read more

If you're allowing her to manipulate you, isn't that just following her? read more