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I doubt I'll play him, but it was utter foolishness and borders on disrespectful to not expect him... read more

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Also, this shit is so alpha looking (With the no sound and all).
Looks pretty omega looking to me. read more

I am going to get so many people notifing me and saying 'HOENN CONFIRMED'

Sakurai can go screw himself, I have to get the 3DS version now, for City Trail. read more

If you're getting a Hoenn(confirmed) started, it's going to be Blazitism.

No fully evolved Grass...
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I've spent the last hour or say saying "*bleep*ING GRENINJA!?" pretty much.
I'm still confused. read more

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Why are people worrying about a delay? That'd be great, I've been worried about a rushed product... read more

I take it you now have a harem of 3+ Japanese schoolgirls for no reason? read more

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Unless he somehow becomes a deep character (unlikely), he'll probably be fairly...
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Aww, guess I'll have to wait for Smash 4 for Balloon Fighter to take the Retro Slot.

Although does...
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Frankly that theory is flawless, sneaky Gamefreak thought we wouldn't notice. read more