Baby, this game is Viewtiful, although they were only NOMINATED for the rainbow oscars - it means something held them back. ViewtifulJoe2 PS2
This, my friend, is the pinnacle of street racing. NeedForSpeedUnderground PS2
Not as good as the original, but don't hate. NeedForSpeedUnderground2 PS2
NFS Undercover: Hated, as seen on video game websites. I say screw those websites altogether. EA is finally getting it right... for once. NeedForSpeedUndercover PS3
Seriously, it's not that bad, but EA could do shitloads better with this game. NeedForSpeedProStreet PC
I don't hate this game... but 05 was better for the record. MaddenNFL08 DS
Pretty fun, though hard as all hell. GranTurismo3Aspec PS2
I suppose it's okay, even though it has BS hit detection and a few others. CallOfDutyFinestHour Xbox
Has it's flaws, but still a great FPS, especially online. Battlefield2ModernCombat Xbox
A souped-up game with some turbo lag. Juiced2HotImportNights PC

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