I got my first Harvest Moon game from my mom when I was 8, and ever since then I've been a fanatic. I also love the Legend of Zelda games, the classics: Sonic and Mario, I was a fan of Everquest before everything got ruined. Dragon Age is a must.Plants vs. Zombies(!!!). Tales of Vesperia/Symphonia and the Trusty Bell (Eternal Sonata) games were good anime fantasy games that I've played. I play skyrim a bit. Worms, Metal Slug, Lemmings, and the old Catz games were some of my favorite childhood games for the PC.

I've always wanted to get into Final Fantasy, but never have. It's on my to-do list.

I'm also an avid fiction reader, and I like to study various topics like metaphysics, philosophy, language and literature.
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