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Today was the last day of official lessons at school, and I noticed something about my closest friends- most of them are girls!
Any thoughts?



I feel like changing my banner/sig to something that involves my avatar (Cait Sith) but I like it as it is...
Any thoughts?

Bye for now, but not forever

(hopefully o.o)

graphic design other

I really feel like using the CS to make an Inn in Oblivion run by Dremora or Scamps, but I really cbf...

Maybe I'll do it sometime later.

Bye for now, but not for ever!

(Hopefully o.o)

gaming related

Wow, blog is a strange word.
Blogging blog bloggingy blogger.
Mind you, any word that you say over and over sounds weird.
Try it now, go on, do it.
Say "Cheshire" over and over again, Cheshire Cheshire Cheshire.
It's crazy, aye?

Bye for now, but not for ever!

(Hopefully o.o)

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