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Apr 13, 09 9:05pm

Ok, now I just realized that the teacher who made us write a lot of pages is like living in heaven compared to this one. My Maths teacher.

I will say his name: Luis Vicencio. A very, very, very, very, old teacher of my school. Acording to everyone, he has been there for 37 years! (OMG!) But I can say I hate him a lot, why? Because he HATES me. Other teachers are agaist all the class, but this very one is agaist me. I am a very good student, with amazingly good marks. I am very calm and I never get on trouble.

But acording to him: "*Sigh*. Could you just listen to me?"
Well, I listen to him everytime. But he isn't... very good teaching. I make questions because I can't understand what is he saying, and no one of my classmates understand him. But... I can't believe it, he says I ask too much, but other people also ask him lots of things, and he answers to them and he never complain.

Sigh. Everytime I make a question, EVEN out of class, he never listens to me. I never had a problem like this...

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Mar 31, 09 12:49am

I just got GS: TLS last friday, and I think I completed the 50%. It was hard to get that game, because in MY country, old games are very hard to find.
So I had to buy it from a guy in the capital. You want to know my country? Tee Hee... Sorry but... haven't you looked in my PROFILE? OR JUST IN THIS PAGE?

Talking about other things, I just started school and my marks are great. Oooo, And thanks to that I am still on neo, because I don't have to study too much... Yesshh..

Mr. Bear owns everybody!

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Kaid blogged
Mar 24, 09 2:35am

Urrrrgggh. Today I had a very bad day. Guess what, my teachers!

I HATE my new Sience teacher, she only knows how to make us copy every thing he says. We filled 5 pages with a lot of stupid things in... ¡30 minutes! The worst thing its that we have 3:00 hours a week with her... oh dear, my right hand is almost dead.

I never realised that being a journalist could be so fun. BUT the teacher isn't very good. He is soooooo unfair about the marks, cause' he have his "Favorite Students", but i can't complain, because I am one of his "favorites". Why? Because i am very quiet in class. Ummm... my mates don't stop brothering me cause I am one of his "favorites". Its nice talking with him, but my hand hates him.

Until next one, Faithful readers. Forgive me if I am making grammar errors. My native language is spanish.

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Jan 13, 09 2:49pm

I wonder... why I opened this blog?

Oh yeah, cause' here I will tell everything (not exactly) but I hope to upgrade it soon with some intresting things. All I can tell you now is how Mr. Bear come to me...

Since I was veeeerrry small (like 6 years) I had sleeping troubles, the trouble was simple: I could not sleep. I don't know if I was scared of something... what it could be?

I talked to my mom and she suggested me to have a bear friend, but surprise!
I asked my mom to buy me one and she didn't brought me a bear, she brought me a rat plushie! I put him Mr. Bear for some unknow reasons.

My avatar represents Penny, from Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, I am a fan of Advance Wars, so when I played it and meet Penny... wow! She had a Mr. Bear too! It was too perfect!

Anyways, remember I am male. Don't say stupid things!

Until later! Thanks for reading!

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