Vadron Kaiba
Jun 29, 03 4:45pm
It's oh no its Kirk the pantless man
[img]C:Documents and SettingskoedyMy DocumentsMy PicturesKirk.jpg[/img]
and then we all died and a guy said aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and then he died.
Vv Kaiba
Jun 24, 03 12:29am
wel i could have sworn that was what it mean! and hi helo hrlo
sory about tha
computers these days!
it's borken kinda
ciya then
Swordsman Zero Kaiba
Jun 15, 03 5:19am
All hail the great avatar/banner maker, All hail the avatar/banner maker, All hail... (I will stop now, please sign my guestbook if you have the time)
Vadron Kaiba
Jun 10, 03 8:21pm
Ihavenolife13 Kaiba
Jun 4, 03 11:15pm
Hey, thank you for getting me an avatar, you are cool...

Now that I don't have anything else to say, I'll will make weird noises that will irritate you...


Sorry, but I had no choice but to resort to that. Thank you.
Been Kaiba
Jun 4, 03 10:12pm
The banner idea is great...anyway just thought I would post now I am would be nice to duel you when I have some free about 3-4 weeks...?
Cao Cao Z Kaiba
Jun 4, 03 10:00pm
Hey I just saw you around the forum and had to make sure i signed your guestbook... I had to, and i Live in USA too! USA is awesome, anyways i like oblisks they are awesome!
yugimoto Kaiba
Jun 3, 03 9:41pm
hey,mesigning your yearbook,woops, me mean guestbook(lol)it has been great seeing u aorund neo and NOT spamming, hope u keep it up, and u r a great dueler, i want to duel u one day
Little Miss Magic Kaiba
May 29, 03 4:27am
Hiya, I saw your stamp in someone else's guestbook and thought it was genius so I thought I'd come by and sign here. Hope things are good, see you around,

LordAndrew Kaiba
May 25, 03 7:12am
Well Since You Signed My GBook Illl SiGn Yours
123456789987654321 Wham
Well Seeyaz Arounda Forumz
Ok Please Let That Be 125 Lenght
BiG M Kaiba
May 24, 03 5:25am
kol bro. ur tops.
keep up tha funky flavours chicken fingers.

danka fo sign'n mi gbook. i dun hav a stamp made yet.. just pretend theres one.

OH. chek mi site y'all
MiK online

Dark Literature Kaiba
May 24, 03 2:06am
Hey O, how's life for you? Me, well just fine. So I just wanted to stop in to say hello to you. Keep up the good work on Neo.
goldensteelix Kaiba
May 24, 03 1:52am
wassup man hows everything goin down cya lata.

Guestbook Entry
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Won Bin Choi Kaiba
May 23, 03 1:03am
Course I can sign yours.Well anyway,thanks for signing mine.Well,uhh..see you in the Yu-Gi-Oh forum!
Uh man,it didn't reach 125 characters again....
Matrixmaster Kaiba
May 21, 03 4:38am
holy jeezus that's a huge stamp you have. well, just returning the favor. -Matrixmaster

"the Matrix has you..."
"free your mind"
rellik Kaiba
May 10, 03 6:15pm
Your welcome for banner and avatar. Maybe you could get into doing them for yourself? Good luck with it if you do.
Look forward to seeing you around the forums.
Mave Zero Kaiba
Apr 25, 03 11:09pm
Thanks for signing my G-book! See ya around...

Killhawkfox2003 Kaiba
Apr 22, 03 3:10am
Hey though Ill sign your guestbook since your cool and see ya later I

Dam 125 characters...

Bubbster Kaiba
Apr 12, 03 5:04am
Hey Thanx for sighning my guestbook so i guess im returning the favor ,your a good duelist ,sorry cant duel now maybe tommorrow i jus got finished playing
eagle fire he's the best duelist i know ill put u on my neo friends well gotta go Friends 4 Ever !!!!!!!!