IBHunter Kafani
Jan 29, 05 1:45pm
Thanks for replying to my LAN thread. Don't have any stamps at the moment... I might have one sometime... but oh well.

Happy Gaming!
Sneakey Kafani
Jan 26, 05 2:34am
mchief0, you know Master Muke on XBOX LIVE?
I am Master Mukes best mate and we usually play online.
I will be on soon with a seperate account and I'll give you an invite.

Tres Kafani
Jan 20, 05 6:48am

high times
I feel so fine
stiggidy booms
gonna make you high

Testing, Testing, Testing...
<>Gas bar not finish<>

Road Kill 101 Kafani
Jan 9, 05 9:49pm
I guess you wanted people to sign your G-Book? So here ya go!! Here as an some cool pics for ya!!

Sign Back
coolgames120 Kafani
Dec 31, 04 5:34pm
me and my marines would like to tell you have a great new years.continue doing great on your missions master chief 0.good luck on your next mission.have a great new years.
DQ Maniac Kafani
Dec 25, 04 7:37pm
Mr. Hankey and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

coolgames120 Kafani
Dec 22, 04 4:22pm
hey masterchief0.sup.so how are you doing on your missions.your a cool person masterchief0.continue doing good on your missions.please sign my questbook bye.
gegmar Kafani
Dec 19, 04 8:31pm
sup my home skillet from neoseeker. just thougt that you need more entries in you guestbook. mabey ill see you at school one of these days. so shalom and mozletov and have a merry christmahanakwanzica to you. also have a friggn' happy new year:D
PanzerZ28 Kafani
Dec 3, 04 7:51pm
Hey, foo. see you in jail

jk. hope they clear our record, if you know what i mean. have you told your girlfriend what happened yet?

peace. see you in school.
MerylSnake Kafani
Dec 2, 04 5:24pm

Ello! I saw you in Loungin' and your signature said "Sign my Guestbook" So here I am.. Signing your guestbook. Lol.

Bites and Kisses ~Emmmy Strange~
Skaterstar57 Kafani
Oct 2, 04 8:20pm
Don't mind me, I'm on a signing spree! ^^

Please sign back!

Here's some of my stamps!:

Take care!
DQ Maniac Kafani
Aug 24, 04 10:03pm
Hey, I've seen you around the Food & Cooking forum and I just wanted to sign your guestbook. BTW, nice signature and avatar, ha ha! Well, see ya around!

- Mike C.
Miles Girl111 Kafani
Jul 10, 04 11:06am
Don't be afraid of them! They don't want to hurt you. They just want to do the things we do. Like go to the Movies and raid the fridge.

Cya around sometime.
May 30, 04 2:01am
Jello mchief0 is whats going on with you , just signing your guestbook...........im not very good at this !!!! Please sign mine ! bye bye
Amg Kafani
Apr 12, 04 8:40am
Hello there is a chance I don't know you but i'm going on a guestbook signing rampage you must sign mine back