I'm signing your guestbook, well, because I've seen you around and you seem cool.

I hear you hate nubs,

Even though I hate n00bs...
I advise you to clench you teeth, it's only going to get worse when the PS3, Nintendo Revolution, and Xbox 360 come out.

Please sign back. Your favorite kitchen appliance,

Here it is, the returning of the sign
Where the hell is my 5.99?

Better pay up son, that ain't cool
Don't even try and play me for a fool

That's enough of that shit...

I'm signing, have fun? I don't do this often, this signing crap.

Peace out homie g, w0rd.
Some pretty sw33t rides you got there. How fast did you go in that Porsche?
Wow, who flames in a guestbook? Guess DeadDogInc does...

Whats your problem? mchief0 has plenty of friends online, so don't waster your breath thinking you are better than him...
i dont really know what to post so here is a bit of my family history hehe it aint much but meh

Hey mchief0, I thought that you sounded cool, so here is a stamp for you.

Sign back and PM me if you want to be friends. Bye. ZOMG! I had to do that!

From the one and only,
Just signing back. Thanks for signing my guestboook.

We had a nice battle in Open Mic. Keep up the good work and see you around.

Please stamp/sign back.

[b]Cahm on!!!! Join meh in my verkowt!!!! Naooooow!!!!!

Victim of a signing spree.
Hey there, person! If you are recieving this message, I either feel like signing your book, or I'm signing back for you.
Hey! Seriously, thanks for signing my guestbook! Long live Canada! (and Japan)
hey. Well i have talked to you a lot thru the PM thing and I feel like i know you pretty well, time to sign the guestbook. Have fun with your car, when you get it. and don't get into too many MC battles. See ya later, mabye in my guestbook.....
Sorry for the spam, I'm trying my stamp.

Anyway as I said before, I'll cya around the Jade Empire forum seeing as I've already written something meaningful in your guestbook I'm going to shut up now!
Hey hows it going? Man some of thse people on Neo are dumb! *Mad Elite springs to mind* Anyway what were we talking about my sex change? Cya around the forums!


Sorry I couldn't come up with a better stamp so I'm just trying this one out. Does it work?
Hi again the first time i said something i did not say what my neo name is so i will tell you. It is Mad Elite and i am pretty new to this site but i know my way around. Bye.
I don't have a stam yet but when i get one i will stamp your guestbook see you around sometime on the forums so i will see you then see you then. Bye

Hey mchief0. Ive seen you around at the health and fitness forums and a ton of others. Anyway, heres a viper for you. Sign back if you can.
You've been tragetted by the Prash Meister! How does it feel, if not shameful?

Sorry it's not as graphical as the others but its the thought that counts.
come fellow killa. grab your weapon and let our group cleanse the face of the earth. just kidding. figure I might as well sign, since I am part of the group. how is it going. nice to meet a fellow asian. too bad you are south of the border. I leave you with some words of wisdom:
watch out for lesbian nazi hookers abducted by space aliens and forced into weight loss programs.
Hey seen you around the Health and Fitness forum and thought I might aswell sign your Guestbook , sign back.

Laters sonix.
Hey, mchief0 I've seen you around the Health and Fitness forum so I decided to stamp your guestbook.
Sup, I've seen you around so I decided to stamp your guestbook.
mqueef mqueef your mom your mom I *bleep*ed your mom ha ha you're a virgin stop copying me everyone copys me i'm so great blah blah blah blah blah blah.

Howdy, my names Moosetwik and i was bored so i signed your GB, so please sign back and check out this forum [link name=XionFire]*snip*/xionfire_forums[/link]

hey thought i might finally sign back

nways wats this i hear about u gettin a mustang gt

ull learn one day