TUMOG Kafani
Aug 24, 05 2:53pm

Too bad you were banned. Get back soon. Later (High School Suxx - damn homework >>)
wow 74 Kafani
Aug 24, 05 2:44pm
Three types of signings:

1. Signing a guestbook
2. Returning the favor
3. Returning the favor with meaning.


See ya later n00b killer.
aDEFt Kafani
Aug 24, 05 2:41pm
You got banned for 3 months. Damn, that sucks.
sheik08 Kafani
Aug 24, 05 6:14am

Heh, just got a new stamp and went on a signing spree, see you later. =D
Chococat277 Kafani
Aug 19, 05 3:06am
Well I saw you're sig and it said "Sign it". Kind of demanding lol. Well...even though you don't know me...I'm signing you're guestbook anyway...hah..If you want to know me (which I doubt) PM me! lol

You've been stamped by the Almighty Choco
Ninjanaut Kafani
Aug 14, 05 10:15am
I saw you in the Asian forum a lot, you seem to know your way around there. Also noticed that you live in California, just like me. Anyway, see you around.

Signed by
Fliip Kafani
Aug 8, 05 1:22pm

Yargh, I've signed ye guestbook, Now i've got no real reason to be doing this, just bored and felt you deserved my mightiness in your book.

Anyay, Sign back and see ya around the forums.
Cherribomb Kafani
Aug 5, 05 7:03pm
You're the biggest dickhead and sexist I've ever seen. Asshole. Damn character limit. Character limit is so *bleep*ing gay. You're such a dickhead.
bl3nd3r Kafani
Aug 2, 05 9:30pm

Actual bl3nd3rvill3 resident quote:

"I do think that bl3nd3rvill3 will one day flourish and be as beautiful as Greece once was... but in the meantime, we're working on rebuilding our pyramids that were heavily damaged on the War of 2064 against the Canadians. Poor lads never had a chance against us and the Spanish Inquisition! NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION! "
venom Kafani
Jul 22, 05 7:27am
Hello, seeing as your are a N00b killer, such as myself, i thought I would drop by and sign the old Guestbook. Have a stamp.

    sign back fool!

DenniseA Kafani
Jul 21, 05 1:50pm
Signing spree weee XD

Just stopped by to say hewwo XD

Sign back when you have the time

Stealth Sneak Kafani
Jul 20, 05 8:56am

Yay! Its GIR! Enjoy the new stamp!

(Filling up minimum length)... (I eat whales)... (My head is a rock)... (Bikes and beer!)...
sheik08 Kafani
Jul 9, 05 6:23pm
Guestbook Signing? Guess So!

And here's one where Droid and Eureka jacked off on. ^^

Enjoy. ^^
Whitetiger13 Kafani
Jul 1, 05 12:36pm
Here you go. A random signing. Smile you have French's.

Now have a good day.

Kos Rebellion Kafani
Jul 1, 05 11:21am
Have this shit stamp and take it as a way as saying "Halo der, pleased to meet ya."

Wasabi Mui Kafani
Jun 30, 05 12:07pm
Thanks for signing by Guest-bookie. And um, yeah u told me to sign back, and also returning the favour since i said that i'd sign back on my signature thing.

slayer5289 Kafani
Jun 29, 05 5:44pm
hey whats up. great work at they forum and hey, nice banner
Unleashed Legend Kafani
Jun 23, 05 11:08pm
I've seen you around the Lounqin' forum so I thought I should sign your Guestbook so here I am!

The Legend Himself
DQ Maniac Kafani
Jun 23, 05 9:29am
Point of advice: if you see the Burger King, call the police. He has been sighted breaking into people's homes while offering to give residents a free sandwich. Officials have confirmed that the sandwiches handed out by the king contain dangerous toxins. So beware of the king; you very well might be his next target.

Jacko Jackson Kafani
Jun 16, 05 10:53am
Howdy there you fine child. As you may know, two days ago I was found not guilty of all my charges. It just comes to show you I can get away with anything I want. Which is why I want you to spend the night with me at Neverland. I'm throwing a "party" and all kids are invited. Every child deserves a spot in my bed. As long as you keep your dirty mouth shut to the press, we can become best friends. Maybe if you're lucky...we can share the same sleeping bag.

Use you imagination. Then make that imagination...a reality.

Love Always,
geggaboo Kafani
Jun 7, 05 7:21am
hey just signign back on everyones guestbook so i thought i would sign here

sign back

Dragonlord999 Kafani
Jun 6, 05 1:52pm
Hey, glad to see another Chinese member in the IE forums who shares the same ideas with me. Well, I'll be seeing you around on the IE forums, take it easy.

bad ass Kafani
Jun 5, 05 1:39pm
Hey there, I am signing Your guestbook because redemption told me to sign every member's g-book, hey I can complain I get paid 20 bucks a month. Anyways sign back.
BLinK0 Kafani
Jun 3, 05 7:32pm
Hey man i've seen you around some of the same forums i go to so i'd though i'd drop by and stamp ya!lol
Heroshiro2 Kafani
May 31, 05 2:27pm
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