Forged in the celestial inferno of the Grand Happening (AKA the Big Bang), the demonic race of Rubik's Cubes known as The Boolyon are the oldest beings in the Universe. They have waited in the infinite vastness of space for many eons... and now, Their time has come...
Led by the greatest military strategist the world has ever seen, the Boolyon Emperor KYOOBIKLEEZ, the Cubes have created the planet of Kyooba, which serves as a base for Their konquests. Planet after planet fell before Their relentless onslaught............



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Tcon:1290 6141 5374
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President: Legion of Suck Clan (The Conduit)

World Domination
Overclocked ReMix:
Guns & Shooting
Electric Guitar
Any kind of music except for Country and Rap
Armored Core
Soul Reaver
Shadow of the Colossus

Currently playing online: Wii, DS
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