shadowkittie KUsoccerfan45
Aug 22, 09 11:33pm
I'm so sorry about not talking to you in like forever! And I missed your birthday!God, how long have I been gone!

So sorryz I was a bad friend for doing that, but if you ever want to talk again maybe you could pm me, if you want *hugz* missed you!
Province KUsoccerfan45
Jul 30, 09 4:11am

Talk to ya later
Daydreaming KUsoccerfan45
May 2, 09 11:08pm

Credit to Rikku Chick

General Day's awesome stamp! ^^ (Matches my avatar)

Enjoy, Ku! :3
Marooned Chic KUsoccerfan45
Dec 20, 08 7:05pm

Merry Christmas!
Takecare mom, miss having fun with ya.

MasterOfBlades KUsoccerfan45
Dec 19, 08 11:48pm

Yep. thats about it. :3

Now for some added character length!

I lika da pie!
Dark Arcanine KUsoccerfan45
Aug 17, 08 7:18am
Thank you for being my friend, then a good friend and now a super fantastic friend. ^^ Let's always stay that way!

Symphonic Abyss KUsoccerfan45
Aug 15, 08 2:08am
You are the first member to receive this!

It is for being a great and funny member. You are a great Co Leader. Keep it up!

[CREDIT TO: Quierta]

Current Thread

Have fun being a member!
Cloud Me KUsoccerfan45
Aug 14, 08 11:19pm
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to Ku Ku!
if I had my cake today I'll give it to u But it's in one day! <_>
InuFreak KUsoccerfan45
Aug 8, 08 5:02am
Like you asked, I'm signing your guestbook. ^^

This is my new stamp, so you're the third to get it.

Ku, you're one of my best neo-daughters! I never regret having you!

Stay strong, stay wonderful, and always stay happy!

~Inu (mommy)
Midnight Blue KUsoccerfan45
Jul 29, 08 8:08pm
It was lovely meeting you and getting to talk - I hope we can become better friends over time.

Have a wonderful life and I hope to talk to you soon!

~ Roxanne aka Midnight-Chan ~

Torterra93 KUsoccerfan45
Jul 29, 08 4:51pm

You has been stamped today by Torterra93

Please feel free to take a tour of the stamp...

Thanks for your time, come again
kittin_love KUsoccerfan45
Jul 11, 08 12:52am
you have been officially signed by me ^-^! I am doing this to all my friends. so I couldn't miss you. Since I have signed your gb, you have to sign mine! ^-^ yay. Hi kuku!
Circe KUsoccerfan45
Jul 10, 08 6:47am
Totally random title, and no..there are no flees in sight. However I did see a bee, I wonder if I should change the title. D=

You are a very nice girl Ku-ku (Can I call ya that?) and I'm glad you dedicate some of your time to the RF forum. Keep on..uh...posting! ;D

Well, I still need to make a new stamp, so I'll just find an awesome image on photobucket. *searches* Oh here we go, I <3 Elmo. (And James, but that's another story. >_> <_> <_<

Fox10 KUsoccerfan45
Jul 9, 08 11:46pm
Hey! It's Zach here to........TO STAMP YOU! HEEHEE!

magmos KUsoccerfan45
Jul 6, 08 7:02am
To my great neo-sis:You have been a great friend so far over the time we know each other your funny nice and alot of other things (there good don't worry) Just one thing don't change for the world.
Torterra93 KUsoccerfan45
Jul 5, 08 7:45pm

Mario head bangs for you!


Sorry, random outburst. I though it would sign your guestbook... =o dr Who's on, see ya
ki_ki KUsoccerfan45
Jul 4, 08 3:20pm
Thought I'd scribble in here!

So, I guess that means I'll see you around KU-KU!
Marooned Chic KUsoccerfan45
Jun 26, 08 4:52am

Hello Friend! Thanks for everything!
Take Care!

Your friend, Refia.
dragonzz KUsoccerfan45
Jun 18, 08 3:43am
Weel, it might not be much, but I dont really sign these( My first one id this one ). If anyone ever gives you crap on this site, let me know. Ill back ya up.
Chocolate_lab KUsoccerfan45
Jun 18, 08 1:59am
Hey Lil' Sis! Here to stamp you with my NEW stamp! Not the old one this one is new...

Theres water in it!
ShinyAbsol KUsoccerfan45
Jun 18, 08 12:32am

Thanks for stamping me! As one of your neofriends I am stamping you!
Cloud Me KUsoccerfan45
Jun 17, 08 9:04pm
hey so kool you no

I like pie you like Pie we all like Pie
I like cats you like cats we all like cats
I like Dogs you lie Dogs We all like Dogs
billybob1 KUsoccerfan45
Jun 17, 08 8:12pm
key ku ku wats up! you rock, do not change ever cuz u rock okay! but work on those avvys and banners lol jk jk

stay awesome and do not ever change okay.
Lukaeu KUsoccerfan45
Jun 17, 08 3:40pm
Hey Ku-Ku Wake up and smell the coffie! the smell can make you wake up once an awhile... I think so anyway... As long as you don't know I'm talking to avert your attencen (I think that's how you spell it...) from the so I can stamp your guest book and get away quickly..

Megacoolstar KUsoccerfan45
Jun 17, 08 2:40am
Good job on the Lyrics Game. Youre a cool person, So heres your stamp: