Sep 13, 08 3:18pm

You're pretty cool your self o:

Signing back.

See ya around.

Sep 8, 08 12:28pm
I is a good friends

You is a good friends.

Yup, that's right. Thanks for keeping me, unbored (If that's a word. I was gonna use thrilled but it sounded gay ) for all the boring times in the crew.

I haz no stamp
blazingfire KICKERTW69
Sep 6, 08 8:58pm
Hey Kick thanks for signing and your a great ssbb player brawl you soon bye
PichuRocks KICKERTW69
Sep 6, 08 7:43am

Thanks for signing meh GB Kick
Thunder Storm KICKERTW69
Aug 30, 08 9:45pm
hey kick im happy were freinds i just came back from cp with you and blaze im gonna go to corruption tread 16 bye and i read you guest book lol bye
Aug 11, 08 12:46am
It appears that lucario has sent another message
Lucario: me and the aura are going to get married
lol he's always full of surprises I got the messages from a youtube video
grifinop KICKERTW69
Aug 7, 08 12:37am
So,how r ur dads doing?lol,jking.
Its one laughing material after another with you!Man,you need some comebacks!O yeah,this isnt the place for that.Well,thnx for being my neo friend,bla,bla,now can we get back to the jokes?You can answer in my guestbook if you want!O,and thanks for letting me yell at you for no reason!That great!Seeing the way you react just killz me with laughter!Oooooops,theres a bad thing again...i should put something good here,but wat? hmmmmmmmm...
thanks for,um,gosh this is hard...well,Just thanks!(And to those who read this,dont get the wrong idea!Im a nice guy!)