It's been a while since I've stamped ya:D So here you go:D

The stamp I used is one of my favorite tv shows.
Since you're a member of the RE4 forum, my mistress, Memory of Eileen (a lovely thing she is, too) has commanded me to sign your guestbook! Aren't you lucky?

The above is what my super-special-awesome-sexy mistress has done to you. If you're lucky, she might even talk to you, and then you shall know my joy.

Have a nice day.
Happy Holidays. I really like your GFXess. Anyway, enjoy my Metroid stamp and you holidays.

I love my stamp. I hope you love it to!!!!!!!!

Hey, KH2 OVERDRIVE! That's KEWL that you have Photoshop CS2.. I only have Paint. Erm, sorry for not signing sooner, I'm lazy =P. Thank you kindly for signing my guestbook, it's really appreciated. Anyways, glad to see you like Pokemon, it's the number one priority in my gaming life. Well, here's a stamp with my all time favourite Pokemon..

Um, don't listen to that naughty Twilly, you already stamped. Toodles!

Sincerely stamped by..
Hey i haven't Stamped ur GB so i will now


Hey, just thought i'd sign your guestbook. You make some amazing graphics...I was suprised when you PM'd me...Cya rnd Neo

--619-- \m/

this has to be the 2nd sickest banner ive ever had or seen its hella cool and keep making banners,avatars etc.
Thanks for the banner. I'll not use it just yet but I am keeping it for when I do want a change. Have a stamp for your troubles

See you around,

Lotsa luv,

Cute Chao

You are the master of making sig pictures. It rocks!
Hi ive seen you around the forums so i decided to sign your guestbook. well sign back or PM me sometime K.
this is the one i choose!

Thanks a million man its awsome dont ya think!
sup man thx for the help and your facepates rock man...hope you make more so i can buy one!neofriends till the end dude!peace!

LoD is one of my favorite games:D
I like the banner but can u do 2 things to it one can u make it 700x200 and the writing says kingdom hearts rpg thats it if u can thank you ur the best

Lol Aeris got owned! Anyway thanks for the stamp! Stupid minimum length thingy doodododoodddoooo


Thanks for the help! I thought i might as well give you my stamp!

Stamped By,
Thanks for all of the help with the graphix!

just signing sign me back ok I know your online just kidding do you have animal crossind pm me to tell me or just sign my gusetbook got to go bye
Thanks for the awsome userbar! Here's my newest stamp.

thanks for the awesome banner and stamp! here! im going to sign your GB with the very stamp you made for me!
Hey KH2 Thanks for the banner your a Cool dude It rocks my multicoloured stripey socks
I hope to see you around Cheers dude

Thanks for the avatar.

Here's for you. Remember, german shepards rule.