I was born, I am living, I will die.

People with an uncalculably high I.Q.
KH researcher
Bill N. aka. The Science Guy
Albert Einstein
Bill Clinton

People with an I.Q. over 150-
Redemption aka. The Ha
Kemelok aka. Uncool Dude
Wolfwood aka. Lousy Bum
Kuduros aka. Michael Madsen
Jeevan aka. Not his real name
Arcaida aka. Desuga
Cloud Leonheart aka. Ars Arcanum
DragonFang aka. The Nice Guy
Dynamite aka. Vast Mod
Turkagent aka. Vast Sec. Mod
Chibon aka. Vast RPG Sec. Mod
DarkLynx aka. The Evil, lazy Temp.
Dutch Samurai aka. Missy Elliot's Body Guard
Hollywood aka. Dean Martin
King aka. Sammy Davis Jr.
Lojik aka. Nappy Kitchen
VeGiTaX aka. Angry Super
Jill The Video Gamer aka. Bull Dog
Chaos Master aka. The Quitter
The White Rider aka. The Burrito Thief

People with an I.Q. lower than 50
DeathKnight aka. Mr. Biggs
Furious Faction aka. Snoop/Banks
ViciousSpike aka. Vicious Dyke
Adidas aka. The Shoe Tang Clan
Felony aka. Mellony

People with an I.Q. of negative numbers
Elite aka. The Ignorant One
iplaywithfire aka. Remember kids- Stay off drugs!

-ND-L Record- [2:0]
KH researcher |vs| dragon2kool
This battle was very good. D2k made an excellent opponent to start up my dueling history and provided enjoyabilty for me. Since he was a good opponent I would have to say it was a good win for me.

Result: Win
Rematch possibilities: Yes

KH researcher |vs| Arcaida
It was a shame that this battle had to end in a D.Q., because I was looking forward to facing Arcaida not only because he is a superb duelist, but also because he is one of my best friends on Neoseeker.

Result: Win by D.Q.
Rematch Possibilities: Definate..

To be continued...


who cares


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Review: Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix (Import) - Kingdom Hearts:Final mix is AWESOME!!!

Nov 29, 2003

Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix is one of the greatest games that you ever could play and it has stunning graphics, a new FMV called "Another side, Another story [deep dive] and it has better camera angles and movement than the original. It includes new...

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