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Lists I'm on as of December 8th, 2004

Loungin - #1 6270 Posts
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Motor Cars - #1 1271 Posts
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Psykoticseether2: I like the naked zombie's in the facilities

Tlanos of Neo: this year wasn't bad, only a couple times did it snow enough that I was a little worried. Then again I drive on the interstate to get to work, fuggin 30 minute drive.
Tlanos of Neo: But my tracer does good in the snow.
Fredycavjr2000: mine was perdy good too
Tlanos of Neo: I think I talked to you before about pulling cookies or whatever you want to call them a few months back
Fredycavjr2000: LOL
Fredycavjr2000: donuts???
Tlanos of Neo: people call them "cookies", donuts, mini-eights and other things here
Fredycavjr2000: dude
Fredycavjr2000: i lol'd so hard a cheez it hit the monitor
Fredycavjr2000: cookies
Fredycavjr2000: LOL
Tlanos of Neo: I just call them whatever I can think of at the moment
Tlanos of Neo: cookies popped into my head
Tlanos of Neo: so I said it
Tlanos of Neo: :'(
Fredycavjr2000: thats going in a profile or sig somewhere
Tlanos of Neo: fook
Fredycavjr2000: i might make a whole thread on it
Tlanos of Neo: -_-
Tlanos of Neo: I need to *bleep* now

KFC is a mans man by the way. I can back him up on that. I once saw him have sex with 5 women right in a row, wrestle a bear, then eat 22 double whoppers and wash it down with unleaded fuel then he punched chuck norris in the face, traveled back in time, and impregnated a group of nuns who later gave birth to chuck norris, bruce lee and samuel L jackson. Yes, KFC is chuck norris' father.


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98 Regal GS - 3.4" Pulley, Headers, Intake, Tune. 199whp/268wtq

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Review: Resident Evil - REmake - Does It Match Up To The PS1 Legend?

Jan 23, 2004

I haven't even beaten the game yet and I can say it definitely beats the snot out of the original classic. The beefed up graphics really add to the overall experiance even though much of the environments are darker they are somehow more detailed....

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