Well, it's stupid'o'clock and I was just thinking how fast time can fly by.
I know I'm a pain in the bum with my random moodswings and huge periods of solitude, but that never means you aren't my friend.
You never need to be paranoid around me, I'm never ignoring you because you did/said something bad.

It really is just because I'm busy entertaining Don Corneo!

Hugs 'n' a slapped bum,
your old pal Chris x
Current scores:
LUCE: 23
CON: 22
ROB: 7
TS: 1
MiM: 0

Luce's turn, with:
_ _ _ _ _ _

I guessed E, and Katie has guessed A.
CONTINUE on here. I don't know whose turn it is, blah blahblah.

Requirement filled now? Oh maybe not, how about now?


Current scores:
LUCE: 20
CON: 15
ROB: 5
TS: 1
MiM: 0.01
RIKU: 0.01

Current word:
_ _ M _ _ S _ O _ A _ / M _ S S _ _ _
Correct: A, O, M, S,
Incorrect: A (guessed twice for some reason), T, F, T (it was guessed again), N, M (guessed twice for some reason again), R
New hangman!!!
LUCE: 20
CON: 11
ROB: 5
MiM: Welcome! Please come back! D:

P.S. Lost: hangman GB signing I made a few minutes ago
If found, ignore and return to sender :S
Continuing here, cause I'm awesome.


Typing random stuff cause I need to write loads.
_ I _ E _ _ E I _

Correct: E I
Wrong: R A

If you don't get this now dere will be murder. MURDER D:

Hurhur, jen did a funny to me. :3
My guestbook sigature hasnt appeared? That is odd . Anyways in case my other gb signing doesn't appear let me make a new one . Happy late B-Day once again Katy . I wish you the best for this 2011 as well. Here is a cake that Luce made last year, but I'm willing to share

Katy's B-day - January 11
Got it on the list! I'm not going to forget it .

I hope you had a great day yesterday Katy and my best wishes for this 2011. Here is a cake that Luce made last year but I'm def sharing it with you


_ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _

Adding random stuff to hit 125. Gobbledeegook.

Hope you had a great day too! And thanks for the cool pic. Did you make it yourself?
How did you spend your Christmas?

Also, good to hear about the hangman thing. Hopefully now that you've got a job (), I'll be seeing more of you on Neoseeker.

Right, we're on Chris' word, with me gonna win, as usual. No lol, I don't always win.

How's everyone today?
Well then, to meet the length.

Well hellllloooo there, and welcome to the new Hangman Thread *claps*

Right now it's Katie's turn, with me about to take to win, as usual. *woo*

So without further ado, let's start!

There, I think that's enough.

welcome to the new hangman thread

here it is:

_ _ _ _ _ _ | _ _ _ _ _

players: anyone who wanna join, so please join

Ah, so you found you way to my guestbook in the end :-P

Thanks for signing it ;-) (it was looking rather bare)

Anyway I hope we can have more chats and continue with the bewildering and misleading screenshot game.


Hi Katie!!! I cant believe I never signed you guestbook before. I feel so ashamed but anyways, here I am signing.

Its been nice seeing you post in Crisis Core forum and your basically an essential member there. your such a nice and cool person ^-^

Its fun to see you around Neoseeker so don't think of ever leaving us.

BTW, I send you an invitation to my moogle realm ^^.


RAH! I just wanted to say thankyou for helping me cheerup today. It was nice of you to help me take my mind off of what happened. So, do you fancy a chat about Eastenders? Just remember, Mr.Flibble may be very cross, but everybody has their bad days hehe!! BTW, Kai stole my other post idea! Long live DJ Talent! -Chris- x
Wow, I never even knew I had a guestbook until I just saw apparently three people write in it!

I'm actually online a lot, but I'm more of a lurker and only post in threads where I have something to say (I really don't have much to say in the GD as you probably know! )

It is good to be friends with you though!

Hi k8ty, I just figured I would drop in and say hello, Hi.

I wake up at the crack of dawn too, although once im out of beed, Im pretty much wide awake from that point.

Cya around the forums.

Epoch - The Final Freaking Boss.
I am going around signing guestbooks and I mainly wanted to sign yours because you were the first to sign mine. Thank you for signing I know that NeoSeeker will bring me lots of fun.

May the Gods guide your steps.
Subject due to your hangman prowess.

Your are a great addition to any forum and I appreciate the fact you hang out in the Crisis Core Forum. I think we all do. We do enjoy your continued presence.

Our random pming is also a joy. Too bad you a British so you lose some points, but then again you gain an equal amount of points for talking Britishly..

"An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last."
Winston Churchill
"I say Britain, you say Talent. We say MC Talent is Britain's Got Talent!"

Is very nice to speak to you in the forums k8ty, and may it continue to be so!

*waves* Thanks for signing meh guestbook.. I didn't know that this feature ever existed in neo until you've mentioned it lol..
It's nice talkin' to you 'cause i can relate to the line of work you're into, plus you're a cheerful and happy person to begin with..

Well.. that's all for now.. Take care!

Hi K8ty, nice to meet you on CC forum. Hope that you'll get some sunny weather soon (at least summer) lol...
Have a nice day x
Hehehe, I just thought I would thank you for my tasty looking easter Cactus The battle for hangman supremacy continues lol! Hope you are well and not too bored -Chris- x