I'm ready Bioware. Give me Dragon Age.

So it turns out that we aren't meeting up until Monday, the texts made it sound like it was today. *sigh* read more

Nah, I'm fine. My friends are I were supposed to be going out but getting a response of what time to meet is ridiculous. read more

My friends are utterly useless.

Yeah, EA would do anything to make a little extra money. They would probably sell their own sister. read more

Ah, I think I just didn't bother reading the article because I saw the title and I was like, "noooooope". read more

I hope this isn't just a shallow tack on to make you carry on playing for another five hours but... read more

Of course it needs development time with Ubisoft's policy of making an ass Creed every year. read more

Not sure how I feel about this. But this co-op reminds me a little a bit about Far Cry 3's MP. read more