Personally, I prefer physical copies. I don't know why but i guess if it flops then you can at least get some money back

--Spoiler-- Those are some sweet but pretty horrific scars right there.Don't overdose on those swallow and cat potions

I'm quite interested in how the horses work. Judging from the first fifteen minutes video it looks like it'll be a li

THE WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT MAKES MONSTERS FEEL REAL I'm personally going to refrain from watching the video as I don' Sounds insane and I doubt I'll get to see everything this For any of you achievement whores there's a

--Spoiler-- So who's going to where first? Personally I want to check out The Mire and see if there's any hobbits

So I have finally succumbed to the dark side and bought a PS4. Goodbye hard earned money. So I was re-watching one of the tr

She's a bit of an annoying character but I found her to be absolutely essential to bring with you in combat. Knight Encha

Varric is just plain awesome really, it sucks that he's absoluely useless in combat but his main charm is really the stor

Solas is an absolute amazing character, to speak to and when you use him in your party. Talking philosophy for him was always

This elf is annoying. as I've said in previous threads I was quite disappointed at how annoying she was. I don't hink

Riding the bull has been the motto of Dragon Age: Inquisition since the reveal of Iron Bull. And you most certainly do ride t

He's a cool mage. I wish Bioware didn't give the one gay character to be the joke character. We see some serious side

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