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Bugs, e...

So I got this player a few years ago and he could become one of the best wingers in the game. But the problem lies that the t

Was just watching Sky Sports News and they just announced his retirement from international football. What a way to end your

Seems like we have which aren't restricted

There's a lot of potential with every character but I'm quite excited for Varric and Leliana's return. I have

I'm completely unsure what race I want to be. I think Qunari will be very interesting to play as because it's the fir

Another top player misses the World cup through

While we do have a thread on the, I

So I've completed the Missing Persons and Human trafficking missions and was left a bit disappointed at the last 'mis

Ok here is what I did, I backed up my saves and placed them on desktop, started a new game realising I just couldn't both

You've gotr to love these

Is it possible to add a silencer on the various guns that I have? Does anyone know how to do this?

Me, well I'm a badass so I picked realistic mode. I've also set my controller aim assist to default. And if people

Her post some annoying glitches that you've encountered. Whether they screenshots or you just describing it. http://i5

Does anyone know when they're going to release the Watch Dogs app on smartphones?

I thought it would be great to have somewhere where we could discuss off-topic material. Enjoy.

So with Watch Dogs being released in a few days and a reputation system similar to Red Dead Redemption, will you become a goo

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