Man United have been dominating the league for the past few seasons so I never expected to win, but not only the fact did we

At the End of The Witcher 2 we see Nilfgaard successfully invade The Northern Kingdoms. With this game being about choice, I&

I think it would be really cool if we could visit locations that we went to in previous games such as Flotsam and see it in t

Welcome to Neoseeker's GTA Online Database. This thread holds the Gamertags and PSN IDs of this forum's members.

I'll be buying on PS4 myself as my PC isn't good enough to handle it. So what console will you be buying it on? I'm ordering off Amazon and I have a busy week when Witcher 3 comes out s

What are your thoughts on the possibility that Geralt will die at the end of the story and the rest of the game will played a

At the moment I'm not too sure myself as I'm moving from PC to PS4 so I will need to have a think about it. GTA V was big so this looks really promising. I would really like to buy one of them medallions. :epic:

Will you play as pre swordsman, pure mage, an alchemist or will you be a hybrid of all three? I'm planning to play as

This is for the people who never played The first two Witchers or never actually finished it. Yes, I'm looking at you @As

He was a small but recurring character between Origins and Dragon Age 2. So it was nice to see him given a bit of a bigger r

Well I assume at some point in the game we will have to make a decision about Yennefer and Triss, or perhaps we can piss them

Opposite really of the negative thread where instead we post what we are looking forward to the most about the upcoming game. http://www.primagames

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