It's still in construction I just recently added a mobile site for it. It is all going good so far.
Once again if you have any suggestions PM me.

neoseeker related

I am making a Neoseeker Fansite, check it out any time. It will be fun to make this sight, and i hope people like it, so here's the link.
PM me with suggestions.

neoseeker related

Finally! I can posts blogs after a long week, so... I need suggestions on what kind of blogs I should have.
So please PM me with your ideas. It would be very helpful.

neoseeker related
Enter the Darkness...
I can't believe Machienzo doesn't remember me.
11 more posts to go... Yay!
they ACTUALLY have Bomberman on the PSP? Yay! Bomberman PSP
I am switching accounts so... my name will be strafe12.
i feel but I can't fall...asleep....(play game over crystal defenders (PSP)music)


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