"I shouldn't go on hoping, that you will change your mind and one day we could start again."
Dead week...Weak. Dead. Walking dead. done
likes Arietta's status update: "Playing Tales of Symphonia in hard IS hard. Such a great game though. Nostalgia FTW."
likes Aurigae's status update: "Got an interview for a financial risk management internship, HNNNNG~"
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break ups <<
likes Gotenks' status update: "The animals in Animal Crossing always make me feel bad when I play the game for the first time in a while"
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What's the new job?

This is news to me, and I'm very sad about it. read more

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I wake up everyday overwhelmed with my life, my friends and my family. Life is good.
likes Game Over's status update: "I love Neo. Such a great community."
likes Symphonic Abyss' status update: "Aaaaalmost done with Xillia 2. We'll wait until tomorrow to finish it out."
University is such a busy life. Enjoying every minute of it, though!
changed his custom title to "(semi inactive)"
likes Dragoon's status update: "Reminder that I am on limited activity until the end of next week as I settle into uni and finish my shows!"
And I'm off! Said my goodbyes to my hometown and friends -- such a bitter sweet moment. Here's to a new, amazing stage in my life. :)

Thanks everyone. Spent today saying goodbye to some friends/bf and man was it tough. Optimistic... read more

Thanks guys! Admittedly very nervous for the unknown, but I'm sure I'll have the time of my life. read more

leaving for University in a few days = extended, probably limited activity on Neo.