"I shouldn't go on hoping, that you will change your mind and one day we could start again."

] --Quote EW-- Titled Survivor: Worlds Apart, the season will feature three tribes of all new players representing the c

Dead week...Weak. Dead. Walking dead. done

_Have you been through a serious break up with your significant other? How many? And if so, what coping methods did you go th

break ups <<

In my first quarter of university and can confidently say that I'm having my ass kicked. I failed 2/3 of my midterms.

In my American Migration class in University, we discuss/read/study a lot of history in regards to criminology. One of our re

I wake up everyday overwhelmed with my life, my friends and my family. Life is good.
University is such a busy life. Enjoying every minute of it, though!
And I'm off! Said my goodbyes to my hometown and friends -- such a bitter sweet moment. Here's to a new, amazing stage in my life. :)

] _Survivor29 Predictions!_ Thought it'd be a fun thread to have for all our Survivor Predictions, separate f

leaving for University in a few days = extended, probably limited activity on Neo.

] _Fantasy Life_ is Level-5's upcoming life-simulation game for the Nintendo 3DS, in which players can switch freely b

] _http://www.siliconera.com/2014/09/19/final-fantasy-explorers-fun-multiplayer/_ A lucky member over at http://www.s

] _A Final Fantasy deal you can't deny_ Square Enix, developing team behind the upcoming 3D Final Fantasy title Final

] _http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1826940/episodes / http://www.fox.com/new-girl/_ --Quote-- Taking a modern look at frien

] _http://miami.cbslocal.com/2014/08/05/survivor-premiere-and-big-brother-finale-to-each-feature-90-minute-episodes/_.

Just bought myself a pair of _Gold's Gym Wrist Wraps_ to help some of my lifts that require heavier weights. Truth be tol


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