Can't seem to find the appropriate forum (don't think we have it), so I'll post this here:

Check out this, which showcase

_Television (August 2014!)_ The following list(s) date up and coming shows and/or repeating series by premiere date for th

I think the "rate" button is actually kind of confusing. When you rate something, you aren't necessarily giving

Tales of the World: Reve Unitia gets three new clips:

Tales' fans will be delighted to discover that three recent clips were released, showcasing entirely dialogue between various characters in the upcoming Tales game Tales of the World: Reve Unitia. Tales of the World is already confirmed to be a compi...

Currently at the gym and am asking myself this. I try to get down to a 90 degree angle. Sometimes ~70 on heavy weight, though

Catch my gamegrep article about it: The Legen

What's the greatest moment in television history?

Television's history on the world has left impressionable moments on its audience; _which moment(s) do you think is/are t

I lost my cool 3ds stylus. I don't even use it, but I'm still so sad...

The amount of mobile mode users nowadays makes up a substantial amount of online users (myself definitely included!). Having Newcomers to Hyrule Warriors!

When articles are currently approved on gamegrep, neoseeker indicates you have a notification but doesn't actually specif

In Television's longest running marathon, Anyone planning on wa

Hey guys, thought I'd make my own thread about the consolidation of "Shows" forum into the general TV Shows one

_Movie Release Dates July (2014) Edition_ The following list is a list of movies set to release in the month of July. Are t _Under the Skin_


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