Jak_X_ Just for now
Aug 11, 06 8:34pm
Random signing. Just thought I'd stop by. Please sign my gb back. =)

Bright Blue Yoshi Just for now
Jul 28, 06 12:36pm
I’m getting around to signing some guestbooks today. You just happened to be on my list of guestbooks to sign.^^

Sign back if you have time!^_~


Zero and X Just for now
Jul 7, 06 8:31pm
you signed me ahwile back, twice, I havent given you the payback yet for the second signing, well here ya go, a nice stampy for ya.

Zero and X
Zebra Cakes Just for now
May 26, 06 6:59am
Title explains all. I love slaves. If it wasnt for them, I wouldn't had made mine make my stamp.

Zebra Cakes Just for now
Apr 14, 06 6:09pm
hey joo noob. i bet u up L-8-er. u not worh teh tim.!!!!1!

Lukas Just for now
Mar 10, 06 7:45am
I'll just randomly sign everyone's GBs, okay? You get a free prize!

Auron32 Just for now
Feb 13, 06 3:31am
well hi there. i am absolutely rubbish at these kinds of things so well if it IS rubish its, er, my sisters fualt... i have very few words for its near 2:00 in the morning and im so tired i look like this:

ps: any ideas as to how i may cure this? its a bit of a problem... especaillly at clubs and other social events...
apple_tree_three Just for now
Feb 5, 06 10:30pm

Hope you have an awsome Valentines Day and all your hopes and dreams come true!

RKOed Just for now
Jan 28, 06 8:43am
My Beautiful Kind Goddess Kali who has very precious time would like me to sign in her honour about how wonderful it was for her to receive a Great signing from you.

From the Loving Goddess Kali and her servant RKOed
static_puzzle Just for now
Jan 27, 06 5:53pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook. I am finally getting around to signing all of those people that I missed, and you are one of the lucky ones.

See you around,

vanillagigglez Just for now
Jan 25, 06 7:17pm
Okay, technically not night but there y'have it. Sorry I didn't stamp back sooner...

Have a wicked day!
DenniseA Just for now
Jan 15, 06 2:41am
As Mister Tiger's Slavie I am here to sign your g-book in his honor >=3 Mister Tiger is the best Master in the world >=3 I thank my dear beloved Master for buying me in the Auction XD Thy Master is really and clearly the bestest Master in the whole whole whole whole wide world =) You could now honor my Master for his wonderful doings XD Honor thy Master now pwease >=3

The one and only XD
Den-den =D
Stillwater Just for now
Jan 15, 06 1:18am

I just felt like signing back, even though you probably signed mine cause your master forced you to.
BASGTA Just for now
Jan 15, 06 12:05am
Thanks for the signage.
Vito Just for now
Jan 13, 06 8:24am

haha have a great year.... and stuff.... well this sucks that you need a certain amount of letters...
black_wing79 Just for now
Jan 11, 06 4:26pm
i see you are the slave of one of my best friends..

well that is a good thing in a way..

but let me warn you, Yunie has Fangs and you might soon find yourself being her slave forever...

so anyway, thanks for the GB sigining!!
Spud Just for now
Jan 10, 06 10:35am

luigi jean Just for now
Jan 10, 06 6:04am
Hi J.F.N., I'll stamp your guestbook....

That's my first stamp I did, I'm proud of it!
The voices say I should put pepper in my eye...
Ciao friend!
Zero and X Just for now
Jan 10, 06 12:08am
The voices in my head eh? Anyways thanks for signing my guestbook.(looks at banner) hmmmmm.......your a girl.........so is Tunalookalike.......and shes bisexual...............kinky.
Rikku Chick Just for now
Jan 5, 06 7:37am
Haha, I've done well!


*listens to little voices in her head*

Mine is saying I should eat paper. It's scaring me D:
Rikku Chick Just for now
Jan 5, 06 7:34am
You're almost my slave, mwah n_n

*pokiez with a pokie stick* Joo shall be mine, for a week. >=o xD

*is crazy*
Monkeypop Just for now
Dec 24, 05 7:08pm
I hope you have a great Christmas sis!^-^

simomatic Just for now
Dec 24, 05 4:11am

JFN, I'm signing your GB what are the odds of that? Lol I have no idea. And I wish you a Merry Christmas. Eh a little to wait for that I think. But Hell Merry Christmas any ways!^^

Heres some stamps and such.

Yeah we even fight on Xmas.XD

Happy Holidays from everybody!

Now that's my type of santa.
the silver plague Just for now
Dec 16, 05 6:21pm
heya rat, yeah its me, the same plague from pc.
well thanks for signing my guestbook, oh and happy birthday btw ^^

your favorite disease,
BASGTA Just for now
Dec 15, 05 6:05am
Hi, well im just here to wish you a happy birthday. I haven't really seen you around neo that much are you new? I joined back in March of 04. Well happy neo-ing.