im looking for any mega stones from pokemon Y! shaymin palkia dialga giratina deoxys latias latios kyurem genecest

I'm here to trade my charizardnite x for aggronite

i got a meloetta lv.100 and i want reshiram lv.100

trading: skrelp shiny 6IV modest lv.38 patrat shiny 6IV naive lv.3

im trading my shiny for mega stone exclusive to pokemon Y

mega aggron is good but has a weakness called sp.def

Can someone trade me a mewtwonite Y for my mewtwonite X im willing to even trade charizardnite x for mewtwonite Y

im trading all my X mega stones for the Y versions

post any good pokemon and i'll consider it if its good then you get phione but not my manaphy

ima gonna kill you

im trading my recently caught xerneas for any shiny lv.100 and pinsir for any pokemon lv.100 i got alot of pinsir for tra

im trading some pokemon from japan for shiny pokemon mostly but if you have something i don't even better here the lis

im trading my perfect iv kingdra for any good offers (mostly shiny lv.100 plz )

Welcome to the blazing tornado where heated battle occurs!! Here your battle experience will be put to the test!! first

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