Bah, what/who can I blame for this? I'm sure there's someone.

I shall blame Imageshack, since that's where I hosted it.

Bad Imageshack, bad! *Scolds*

Alrighty, then, here is the stamp from last time: =D

It better work this time!

~ Laurel
Well...sort of. D:

But I seriously am signing it. XD

Awesome Wall-E banner and avatar you have now. They look great. ^_-

See ya around!

~ Laurel
stamp stamp stamp stamp!!!!!!!!! WOO!!!!!

wooo!!! stampification!
Heya, Hinata a.k.a. Raine! =D Happy holidays! Now go find out what's under that tree. >:3

Whoah I've known you for such a long time, and on top of that we ended up in the same gang! How cool is that! Well I'll see you around . And Hinata < Rock Lee .


Mithos Forever... sign back plz

Thought I'd stamp my new friend's GB... Take care....
codfish...>.<" my stamp looks innocent but its gonna eat you! so ha!
Hi, jug! Hope this ain't too cute for you x3. Have a nice day!
Random signing xD
Oh btw nice Genis avatar, I luv Tales of Symphonia too ^^



Cya around
Happy Neobirthday! Here's my crappy 3 minute stamp!

Snape says "jugjugicus explodicus!"
Lets play some animal crossing, before I kick your ass!!
We ca n trade our fruit, since it seems you need what i have, and I need what you have. I find that funny. Maybe it's fate!! lol
Anyway, see ya soon in our towns!
Now that i have signed yours u now sign mine okay! Well hi I i must be goin! Taa farthy well buh bye now
Well, you sighned mine so its only fair i sighn yours. I dont have much else to write so... BYEBYEBYEBYEBYE!!!!oh! wait, I just forgot! I havnt seen you on wifi for a bit. I'll try to be on more!
Hi! I'm, that's right, YOUR guestbook!!
Woo-hoo! I'll even give you a stamp as a prize!..For...uh...........don't know.

Yeah! Okay, could you sign back?
If you're too lazy...
~Yohoho and away we go!~
this is a stamp i made it's kinda suck but it was the best i could do

hope u like it

heres a fine stamp. yeah and by the way i did your request. sign back!

so wat up i was just passing by and i decided to sign youre guest book

hoping you can become my neofriend and hope you sign my gb so bye
I finally found you! You thought you could hide from me, eh? Well I have the nose of a bloodhound, the eyes of a lion, the ears of bat, and an odd dark lump on my back...
Any way, have a grand day!

~Frozen Atari