For what it's worth..

Agent AngelMedi ;
Just thinking back to 2007 when I met you, it feels like an absolute age. It's been such a long journey, and you've been there with me from the start. I guess you really shaped me. We had some great times. Love you Meds X

AxarcrieLucy ;
To put it bluntly, I'll never forget you. You always made me smile and you've always been there to help me get back on my feet. I must have annoyed you like hell, looking back on what I used to be like. I really looked up to you though. I love you Lucy X

Bitter SweetSarvani ;
You've been an amazing friend to me. You made me feel so good about myself, and I knew I could always talk to you about anything. You're one of those very rare people that will never let anyone down. Don't forget me X

DiamondflameTay ;
Back in the glory days of TS2 Forum, I always looked up to you. I'm pretty sure it was you who changed me from a noob to a decent person. You were also the one who made me want to be a moderator - and without realising, got me there too. Love you Tay X

ImpulseDrew ;
Basically, you made me literal lol.. not gonna lie. You will always be one of those people that I will never forget, and I hope that when you read this it'll make you smile. After putting up with me, it's the least you deserve. Love for Drew, and our cereal races X

Lavender BlushChrissy ;
I know you left a long time ago, but I still miss you a lot. I remember back to the days of Denn Denn.. you were such a great person, with so much talent. Love you Chrissy, and your 'pure awesomeness', as we used to say haha X

PinkyPinkSkye ;
15th December 2007.. from the moment I met you, I loved everything about you. You completely changed my life just by being a part of it. You were my best friend; I know we had our ups and our downs, but we got through it. Still waiting on that trip to Winnipeg.. sisters at heart, I love you Skye X

TerrierboyJoel ;
You were my best friend on here ever since the HMDS glory days. I know things changed and we went through a lot. I'm just happy to be able to call you a friend again. I love you Joel, and I wish you the best X

Vampire_FreakKaty ;
You were a big influence on me, and since you left it wasn't the same. I could always count on you, and our chats meant a lot to me. Love you Katy X

Well that's it from me, but the monkey's never gonna stop rocking.

Jordan X

April 16th 2009