I am 1 of those people that have multiple hobbies, as i mentioned earlier i play Bass guitar which is probably my most influencial and longest lasting hobbies(started at 9 Still comin along srong!)RC cars r also a hobbie alothough that 1 hasnt been going too well lately. I go to the beach tons. i dont view vid-games as a hobby mmore a past time. some of my favorite games r 1st off Armored Core (i got the demo when it came out, and get this, i played just the demo althrough the realeses of ac1-MoA) i had no isea they were even on the market) i also like battle field 1942 and most blizzard's D2_LOD and SC_BW.


My intrests r in rock, very thing from MEgADeaTH to bob seager; from pearl jam to cky. I play bass guitar myself.


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what ever im bored so ill go play ac, can u OD on ac?
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