Name: Please call me Jondog or Dog (I am also known as Snifit across the net)

Age/Birthdate: 13 / 12/11/1995 (imperial layout. Don't like it? Tough.)

Location/Time Zone: Australia / GMT+10:00.

Three things I like: Strategical challenges, power, sleeping.

Three things I dislike: Descrimination, stereotypical alcoholics, wasting time.

Three things I don't care about: Live sports, news that has nothing to do with me or my friends, significant/strange events.

Favorite thing to do off the computer: Challenge myself anyhow.

Favorite thing to do offline but on the computer: Update or continue a project.

Anything interesting about me? Nothing that must be shared.

Favorite food: Pass (undecided).

Favorite kind of music: Anything other than most rap (some is okay), jazz and "happy" rock.

Favorite games/series: Any strategical game. I have too many to decide, so semi-pass (undecided).




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