Well, I've decided I should finally get to work on this thing. I wasn't going to do it until I got AT LEAST 100 profile views, but meh.

The name's Jon Sparks, as listed above. It isn't my REAL name though, it's just a handle I use on the internet. I may sound like a stiff on the forums, but in actuality I'm actually a cool guy once you get to know me. Still not convinced? Well read on if you wish.

I am a music man. Not only do I listen to music, I compose it. I use Noteworthy Composer. What's the kind of music I compose you ask? I'm more of the jazzy, bluesy type. I like my music to be deep, to rest deep into your soul while you're listening to it.

I mostly get my inspiration from the HUGE variety of musics out there. Yes, I listen to ALL kinds of music, whether it be Salsa, Techno, Rap, or even foreign Middle-Eastern jams. I love the distinction in each of these genres, how they all have their own unique styles. I am just passionate about music, and if you can recommend anything, ANYTHING at all, let me know.

I'm also a game freak. My favorite genre is RPG's, but I've been known to play other things too. I've recently immersed myself into SRPG's though, and I'm loving it. What really pulls me in are the stories. I'm always fascinated by the stories of RPG's and character development is a must on my Role-Playing Crusade. I dabble a bit in RPG Maker, but it isn't enough to satisfy my needs. Plus it's a little hard working on a game all by yourself. I'm also a fan of the music, but you probably could've figured that out.

I could also consider myself a Smash Bros. freak. I'm an active part of the TR4Q Campaign, which stands for Tiers are for Queers. I'm not sure if it's an ACTUAL campaign though, but if it is, let me know and I'll check it out.

I love to do voice acting. I've been thinking of becoming a voice actor at some point, but it's hard work. But then again, some of the best things in life won't be handed to you, right?

Some of my favorite voice actors are as follows:
Quinton Flynn
Steve Staley
Wendee Lee
Steven Blum
David Hayter (Kinda)

And I can't be bothered to name anymore right now.

Welp, that's about all the time I have for right now. I'm at the Public Library, see. (Damn 2 hour limit >.<)
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