Sep 24, 12 2:49pm
I love this game!!! I'm a HUGE Yu-Gi-Oh! fan YuGiOhTheFalseboundKingdom
Aug 28, 12 3:08pm
this is undoubtedly, another one of my favorite Sonic games EVER!!! SonicHeroes
Jun 15, 12 2:09am
my favorite XBox game EVER!! though I wish you could've gotten the test runs earlier, and the secret characters not dancing in the garage. JetSetRadioFuture
Jun 8, 12 11:22pm
FREAKEN AWESOME!!! need I say more? MortalKombatDeception
May 12, 12 3:17pm
this is the absolute best game EVER!!! and I'm glad it came with my XBox too. JetSetRadioFuture
Mar 29, 12 5:22pm
this is by far, one of the most awesome sonic games I've ever played. SonicRiders

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