despises the new profile setup
despises the new profile setup
Wow... just... wow. A must have for any action/mech game fan. ZoneOfTheEnders2The2ndRunner PS2
Probably the best LOTR game out there, but that is not saying much. Rides the success of the movie - if it were a \"generic\" action... TheLordOfTheRingsTheReturnOfTheKing PS2
Megaman... ORIGINAL Megaman. If you grew up with him (as I did) and you have not bought this, I will come to your house and beat you... MegaManAnniversaryCollection GC
Rides the movie too much and felt rushed... a half assed effort really. But what do you expect from EA when Vivendi is involved? TheLordOfTheRingsTheTwoTowers PS2
Probably the second best outing on the PS2, behind AC2. Unfortunately when this was released the series was in desperate need of... SilentLineArmoredCore PS2
All things considered it never really lived up to the hype and it was the wrong way to take the series. EA would have done better to... NeedForSpeedUnderground PS2
This RPG is Different. Difficult. Dark. Demonic. Dante. Dangerous overuse of alliteration. ShinMegamiTenseiNocturne PS2
Jump into a six figure sports car and run from the cops. All that is missing from the fantasy is the skimpy anime chicks. NeedForSpeedHotPursuit2 PS2
Even though it looks like GTA (ie. graphics sub-par) it is still a fun game. On the greatest hits list now, and worth the 25 bucks MidnightClub2 PS2
Not as good as AC2, but a solid buy if you see it cheap. ArmoredCore2AnotherAge PS2
Arguably the best AC game. If you see if in the bargain bin, it is well worth your 20 bucks ArmoredCore2 PS2
It may be realistic and revolutionary, but that does not mean it is fun to play. -_- 4 hour endurance races in a Mazda Miata... yeah,... GranTurismo3Aspec PS2
The crappiest game ever made. Period. Seriously, Capcom should be ashamed of themselves. DevilMayCry2 PS2
Ray Liotta was well cast, but why oh why was it set in the 80s? GrandTheftAutoViceCity PS2
The full voice acting is excellent and really draws you into the story... even if it is a little too bright and cheery for my taste at... FinalFantasyX PS2
The graphics are the same as Gauntlet Legends on the N64... and those were subpar even for that console. -_- I paid 10 bucks for this,... GauntletDarkLegacy PS2
Main character has RPG-lead syndrome in that he NEVER speaks, but all in all a classic game... arguably better than either of its sucessors FrenzyPop iPhone

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