Dude what the *bleep* was wrong with my past self
likes Team Hydro Aura's status update: "lul I has a Christmas Kalin"
likes Chaos Team's status update: "Sometimes I just have to physically log off of Neo so I can get schoolwork done ;_; procrastination is destroying me"

The banlist is literally just saying '*bleep* the backrow and special summon negation' read more

likes Swampert X's status update: "New YGO TCG banlist is horsecrap! LET IT BURN"
likes Redemption's status update: ""Whether you think that you can, or that you can't, you are right" - Henry Ford"
likes Ascii's status update: "Played a free for all against 7 AI's set on Insane difficulty last night on Starcraft . I almost won in all 4 of my attempts... almost."
changed his custom title to "♡ SU BARBIE A ♡"
changed his avatar to avatar
wow i just looked at my past neo self and the cancer just spilled out

Yes my new single will be out next week.

oxoxoxo read more

likes Team Hydro Aura's status update: "New JM single next week. Snk!"
likes Kubrick's status update: "If you have Animal Crossing:New Leaf, make sure you PM Midnight about how amazing and fun the game is!"