I am now Doing Instacheck Requests. My Friend Code is 5026-4919-5903. If you want to instachek MESSAGE me. I will check

http://i41.tinypic.com/10n5pag.png This can only by an Event Only Inkay in Japan. However, many Smeargles have this move

hi I have like thirty froakies, some with perfect IVS, some female. some both. they're all modest. a perfect

Rock Fairies They resist and deal damage to dark, fighting and dragon, which are composed of mostly speed sweepers. And

wow i just looked at my past neo self and the cancer just spilled out
Die Young or Live Forever.
Black And White 2 motha*bleep*a c:
~* T3h p3nGu1n 0f D00m!!one1 *~
porn sex and drugs.
I believe that this world isn't dying, this world isn't ending. I believe in the impossible, the possibilities, I have the belief to live.
Loving you guys :)
Sticks & Stones may Break my Bones But Chains & Whips Excite Me
Oscar, Resa, Jason, Olivia, Jake, Marie, Dan, Ja'Len I <3 you all
HAs signed in finally without any PM's .___.
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