I want to join the Marine Corps with my friends when I turn 17.The department I want to join is Recon. (Marine Corps Special Operations).

Here's Me [IMG][/IMG]
Here's my friend Cabillero [IMG][/IMG]
Heres my other friend Beck [IMG][/IMG]
And my other friend Shepheard [IMG][/IMG]


My favorite game is Morrowind.
I like doing airsoft gun tournaments. (BB guns, sorda)
I like Sattelites


It's a war out there.

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Review: Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy - It's cool

Jan 9, 2004

You can choke people to death with the power of the darkside or you can throw people off of high places with it. You can shock people. You can drain peoples force and life essence. You can heal yourself. You can mindtrick enemies to fight for...

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