Pokemon Ball Jirachi
Jun 03, 06 6:16pm
hey just popping in to sign your guestbook:D

see ya later,

Fujiwarano_Sai Jirachi
Jul 05, 04 5:53am

See u around~
pikachu_5000 Jirachi
May 31, 04 3:31pm
Yay! you signed my guestbook thanks i thought nobody would sign it ever!!!! See you around the pokemon bit!!!! Well thanks again!!!!
DarkRue_Cloud Jirachi
May 07, 04 3:07am
Nothing much... but just signing your guestbook, not because you signed mine...;P
because you have a cool Avatar that is of Cloud.

Well if you ever need anything just PM me.
ColorB1ind Jirachi
May 04, 04 2:43am
Thanks for signing my Guestbook. (A long time ago. I just checked it. ) So, I guess I should sign yours. Which is what I'm doing. Right. Now.

NFSMaster Jirachi
Feb 16, 04 5:47pm
hi thanks for signing my guestbook im just returning the favor see you around neo

-nFs MaStEr 33
joesaysso Jirachi
Jan 25, 04 5:55am
I'm just returning the favor. You signed mine so I'm signing yours. See you in the forums and good luck pokemon hunting. I'm a big shiny buff so if you catch a shiny, you better let me know.

PoKeMoN_RuBy_QuEsTeR Jirachi
Jan 24, 04 6:47pm
Hey. I've seen you around - Mostly the Pokemon Ruby Forums. Well thought I'd sign your guestbook! Too bad about the Pokemon Center in New York:(! I live in the UK so I hope the one they might be building in London is better:)! lol

See Ya,

P.s If you got the time could you sign my guestbook? Thanx:)
Dark Magician Girl0 Jirachi
Jan 03, 04 9:21pm
Hey jirachi wen I saw you had no guestbook enteries I just thought I'd sign your GB. Ya better sign back!!!!