Punk100 Jimbo3
Nov 09, 06 5:11am
sup man
Joe2468 Jimbo3
Jul 22, 06 10:31pm
You signed mine ages ago, so I thought it was about time to sign back. Pity the RWFs didn't work out!

Ishy Jimbo3
Apr 21, 06 3:30am
Just signing back, sorry it's been so long, but I don't check me GB much.

It's been good seeing you on the FM forums, you help out a lot, and way more than me now

Feel free to PM me anytime

the_showstopper Jimbo3
Apr 08, 06 11:22pm
nice contribution to forums so ill stamp you. I like your constructive posts and funny avatar. Dudey!
Mar 25, 06 1:44pm
Thought I would give you a stamp for your avatar, Family Guy is only one of the best shows ever!

dan_s_03 Jimbo3
Mar 24, 06 11:34pm
Thought I'd sign your guestbook, 'cos I like you Avatar!


And so the Arsenal FC

revolver_ ocelot Jimbo3
Mar 20, 06 11:26pm
Hi sorry it's a bit late you stamped my g book and i finaly have time to return the favour sadly i don't have a s stamp at the min so heres a poem.



love every where and gusse what?It sucks.
o_snuffles_o Jimbo3
Feb 27, 06 1:05am
Thanks for signing my guestbook, Hope we can be friends!
Here's my Stamp!

Goth_Raider Jimbo3
Feb 26, 06 6:27pm
Hey thanks for signing my guestbook, sorry bout the late signing, never noticed you did sign mine, see ya in the forums. Here's my signing and stamp

TakerLives Jimbo3
Feb 19, 06 3:55am

Hey thanks for signing my guestbook just signing back even though it took some time.
Storm Jimbo3
Feb 12, 06 12:31am

thanks for signing my GB, returning the favor
The_Spam_Merchant Jimbo3
Feb 11, 06 11:19pm

lol, consider yourself stamped! Erm... I guess I will see you around the forums
Vapour Snake Jimbo3
Feb 11, 06 6:34pm
Thanks for the signing. I've also seen you around as well. Well i've been looking at your sig more so, lol. Any way catch ya around the Health & Fitness Forums.

BullFish Jimbo3
Feb 11, 06 6:20pm
Uh, yeah. You signed my Guestbook so I'll sign yours. I love your banner by the way. And yeah, good luck with being a street mime.
Cerebral_Assasin Jimbo3
Feb 08, 06 9:58pm

Why did you change the banner i made you?

anyway...............i'll stamp ya!.........done.
Feb 03, 06 3:59am
this is my way of saying thanx for signing g-book

oh yeaqh tell me what you think of this

rating out of 10
and any improvements

thats not my best work

took me 2 min
Spud Jimbo3
Dec 13, 05 4:18am
On a mission to sign everyones guestbook who is online, you are the chosen one...

I'd appreciate it if you signed back, thanks.