Happy birthday!

May all your dreams come true....


Happy Holidays from Blackheartedwolf!
a>Hey whoever. Ima call you Josh. Here ya go Josh:

a>run "heysmiley.gif"


a>Woah. The little smileys are blushing. They must really like you. But the other ones just look sorta bored. Or dead. They're staring at you like you got 3 heads. Wow you must be pretty popular. All those smileys looking at you. And alot of em are blushing. The others...aren't. Yeah.

a>So anyways yes I am signing your guestbook like Strong Bad. Because...I feel like it.

a>Yes Josh, I am just wasting time now...yeah...wasting time...graysting rhyme...pasting mime...OK I'll stop now. So sign my guestbook Josh! The link is down there. In your hair. Look at those smileys stare. Sorry, I'll stop.

(Where's that stupid paper that comes down from the top of the screen?!? I mean what the f...Oh yeah, this is neo...there's no paper. Neo needs a paper.)

a>run "linktoguestbook"
hi im megadude and im signing your guestbook. im kinda new and thanks for helping me with all your posts. thanks!!!

your friend

P.S. please sign my guestbook. thank you again
This is not random, i just sign peoples guest book if i like them. Actually, this message might be considered random because it might be in someone elses guestbook..damnit, there goes the whole subject line and all..
I never look at my guestbook, sorry! Here I am, signing it! Isn't my penmanship grand? 125 characters is alot, so I have to add more! Hey, can you do an other AV/Banner set for me? Yeah. That'd be cool!
Hey, thanx for telling me about that wonderful movie, I have to watch it someday.
Anyways, you seem really cool, so:


How about signing my Guestbook?

Hey, you particpated in this thread. So here's a guestbook entry!

I see you post occasionaly in Loungin' and I hope to get to know you better.

Don't forget to keep your promise. My guestbook is always hungry for more!
I am on a guestbook siging spree right now. I can't think of anything else to say right now so I guess I will see you around Loungin

P.S. Since I signed your guestbook you sign mine
Top ten deaths of the week!

1. Run in front of many speeding cars. Semi-trailers earn bonus points and are that much better.

2. Smoke a few packs of smokes and drink a few alcoholic drinks! The prefered technique is the old flaming ethanol which secures the doom!

3. Follow Kuduros' recipe for chicken nuggets. Chances are adding your own ingredients can help too. The Antkill Arsnic is a big hit right now.

4. Jumping from a landmark high building provides that awesome chance of taking another with you and what better chance to try that sky diving you've always wanted?

5. Meat pack Masher is a new one. Dressing in meats and running around any carnivorous animals over 3ft high tends to be a good way to go. There's that possibility of $94,000,000 for lost limbs if you survive too!

6. Internetting, aka jumping onto a barbed wire fence. Other impaling objects count too and they give a lasting impression and morbid odour!

7. Drug overdosadge was recently admitted into this and soon seperated from drinking and smoking. Trying to overdose with analgesics is not recommended.

8. Moving to Hong-Kong and getting real close to anyone with a cold. Also takes out any suicidal suspicions. Just leaving you with suspected bad hygiene.

9. Ever wanted to visit a warzone? Well now's the time to go to Iraq! Run around like mad and don't be afraid to share your nationality with the people and "Mr. Leadibies!"

10. Seeking, spending time on Neoseeker causes a cancerous tumor in several areas. It is the most fatal thing known to man!! But who cares? It's life!!

If you die by any reasons other than these you'll live to regret it!!!
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Thank you for signing my guestbook JR! You made vowel jokes? Hmm, guess I missed that post somewhere?! Anyways, here's the Oh-so famous strwbrry_shrtck stampee *no vowels*! See ya in loungin'! BTW, who's that guy in your pic?
Thanks for supporting my Weapons Forum/Sub-Forum Petion. Correct me if I'm wrong(if you didn't support).

P.S. Since I signed your guestbook you sign mine
Yeah, I saw the little banner thingy and I clicked it and it brought me here, so I figured, what the hell, y'know. I've seen ya round, but can't remember from where. And you had that cartoon JFK avatar, but now you have a Thundercats av, and I like that one better. Well, that's bout all I have to say. LaterDayz!!

From a nutcase named
Hey, we have like almost the exact same interests...

You can check my profile if u'd like...there are a lot of details left out, but you can PM, for more info if u'd like...

But I'm the Ultimate Basketball Freestyle King. lol...


Hi, I'm Lord Jim from the THPS4 forum, I've noticed you've made a few posts, hope to see yas around more! It'd be really cool if you could sign my guestbook too, Thanx Dude!

If u play starcraft battle net. u shud email me or someting cause id like to play u. my name is BuRnInG_rIcE and i play on west plz email at tolvey7@attbi.com!!!
Your posts are awesome,they are the best I have seen, that's why I'm signing this guestbook.I wish you do the same to my guestbook the same I'm doing with yours.
signing your guestbook again and everyone i know to say merry christmas and a happy new year. hope you have a great christmas cause i know i do with the 2 weeks off from school.

peace out.
Echelon waz here I am #1 signer ahem the best signer ever. And I repeat this was the best sign ever am I right because didnt you feel the #1 post.
I've been writing messages in the brood war forum, I espicially fond of writing new units in the create-a-unit thread. i try to come up with new ones every day, check them out if you want.
I've seem you around the forum a bunch of times, so I figured I'd take a minute to fill this in.I was just wondering, did you get your name from the Jim Raynor in Starcraft? Just wondering.

seen you around on neoseeker and you seem a pretty sound person. i think i read somewhere that you like 'rage against the machine' which is cool.

see you around

Hey JR. I don't know you, but I can tell you really like monkeys. Bye.

James Garcia *Flip*
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