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I never wanted to type raps but I read some of the battles and found it interesting. So I made 1 spit and some-one challenged me. I took it and whooped it. Ever since then I've been getting better and better as time progressed. Currently, I'm hosting the infamous CydeFX tournament, hosted by Kaotic and I, Jim Raynor. Its been hella fun so far. Lots of twists and turns have been produced, but nothing compared to what the Semis and the Finals have.

Rapping is quite easy, all you have to do is study up on your opponent and actually know what your doin. You can know how to rap and be the best, but if you don't know anything about your opponent then your shit! Everytime I battle I check out my opponents profile, reading his profile, favorite forums, latest threads made, I'm a god damn nazi when it comes to rapping. I have a current record of 6-4. I've battled quite a lot of veterans when I was "debuting". I honestly battled Speedsk8er on my debut, then U_Turn for my first real match, then King, then Beast, and then Dutch Samurai and Makivellii. I never went against rookies as that was the way I saw it being the slow way to get some recognizition. I've learned a lot about writing lyrics and literature from these guys and am very grateful. I've met some pretty interesting people and became closer to those I had already known. Some of these wack emcees always talk smack but never back it up with their lingo. Quite bizarre why they conitnue after you show them why they can't but its all flem to me.

Songs I Suggest You Find
Song title - Artist

Growing Pains - Ludacris
Einstien - Tech N9ne
Slacker - Tech N9ne
Love Me - 50 Cent
Gravel Pit - The Wu-Tang Clan

Emu/Punk or whatever ISM calls it

Red is the New Black - Funeral for a Friend
Stupid Kid - Alkaline Trio
Automatic - Less Then Jake

Warriors of the World United - Manowar
Beyond Redemption - HIM
Don't Touch the Flame - Lullacry

Hard Rock
Inhuman Creation Station - CKY
Blind - Korn
My Letter - Flaw
Helena - Misfits

Soft Rock
I Miss You - Incubus
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Review: Golden Sun - Raynor Review

May 11, 2003

Graphics: 9/10 The graphics aree some of the best I've ever seen for a Game Boy. Theres much more detail then any other game. Houses look like houses, people look like people, trees look like trees, you get my point. The battle graphics are...

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