pokemonrayqauza JesseTheKing
Jul 17, 11 1:39pm
Just want to say thanks for helping me when i needed help with effort values you were nice enough to take your time and help me for that i want to say thanks

Team Hydro Aura JesseTheKing
Jan 21, 10 11:31pm
hiya jesse :3 gl w/... watever ur doing
and remember to get buff... bcause you wantes too... XD and guess what... sterling est chaud :3 and also remember to learn french XD and thx for signing my geustbook :3
MysteryTigerTeen JesseTheKing
Jan 5, 10 10:30pm
Hey Jesse, I just wanted to let you know, that you're a great friend. You are always there for me and i can be open with you. You're also a determined brawler and are improving quickly. One day I hope to give you the name SEXI HAIR, from Rain, Blues and me. I know you'll earn it. I hope to see you soon and thank you for everything ^^
CrossBones JesseTheKing
Nov 1, 09 1:01am
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!! now time to stamp

CrossBones JesseTheKing
Sep 20, 09 5:41pm
hay i love being on this crew i like the first time we brawled i got 3 kills you got all the kill had fun thow ps
you have ben stamped
Tankzortz JesseTheKing
Sep 13, 09 7:27pm
hey jesse. sup. yea what would bbod do without u. maybe yoshi would turn a new leaf... jk. might as well as drop in. ive got no stamp srry man. sign mine when u can.
tankzortz was here
DCKnuckles JesseTheKing
Mar 17, 09 1:33am
Jec... wut will I do with u... U have been banned more than any1 I know... jk jk u r the man jesse. And while you've been banned a lot its because who post more than anyone I can think of ATM. You have a great link that has improved greatly since you first came to Neo. You also inspired me to start using link again, occasionally.
Tabs M JesseTheKing
Feb 27, 09 7:24pm
hi jesse ur a great friend so i hope u enjoy ur bday!!!

hope u like it! sorry if u dont like it pink
Ragnell Swinger JesseTheKing
Jan 26, 09 6:20am

Where 2 start hmm... well 2 begin with when I first met jess he seemed pretty kool.I never knew we would be really good friends like we are now.This guy is a proud link mainer.If you happen 2 brawl jess expect 2 always see his main first lol.Really though he's a great guy 2 hang around,and talk 2.He's always looking 4 a brawl.That's 1 of his best traits he has.He's also an awesome brawler.We go at it evryday honing our skills.When we first started brawling jess lacking combos,and strings,,but now he has learned alot that's cause of me lol.We always have great brawls,and definite lulz.All in all he's a great guy 2 have around
Mario Legend JesseTheKing
Jan 21, 09 4:09am
yo sup just sighnin yo guest book peace out
'mgdgatfefcrg just making it so i can sighn it XD ttyfgsduysnyygrgdfdvfffhthsy vfttituig