After picking up Smash for about ten minutes, ZS Samus now has solid waifu status.
I need some Vietnamese food.
So yesterday I injured my foot walking several miles in horrid shoes. Today I got to walk six or so miles on that same injured foot. No fun.
Well, I've been gone for a while. How was everyone's Halloween?
Damn man, where the hell are you D: Well, it's been a while, so I figure I'll p

Holy crap, it feels good to have a computer again. Sure, my OS is just Kubuntu installed on a 8GB flash drive, but still a computer!
I've been watching a ton of anime lately.
I think I like The Kawai Complex way more than I should. It just improves my mood tenfold whenever I watch it. Gotta love a good romcom.
Pills don't agree with me. I hate drugs.

Do continue. _Past GD's_

I sound like an average American.

Well, I'll be the first to admit that I've never been very good at sealed. My recent undefeated record at the Nyx pre

Hah, eat it, storm. I lived.
Tonight, I dine in Nyx.
I haven't had Funyuns in a while.
Wow, yesterday was awesome.

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