Aug 12, 15 12:26pm
I woke up this morning with a pug puppy on my face.
Jun 02, 15 3:02pm
Nothing relieves stress like two and a half hours of cuddles.
Jeremy shared a forum thread
May 29, 15 11:11am

So I'm not really the type of guy who dates. Relationships just aren't my thing, I suppose. That said, I met a lass r

May 13, 15 2:42pm
I get to go home tomorrow. It's been some week.
Jeremy shared a forum thread
May 11, 15 1:33am

About two days ago, I started having severe, chronic pain in my intestines. I ended up at the hospital, where I had an evalua

Apr 23, 15 5:54pm
So much Monogatari, so little time.
Apr 17, 15 12:37pm
My 3DS got stolen. How unfortunate.
Jeremy shared a forum thread
Apr 16, 15 3:03pm Recently, I've been playing a lot of

Apr 05, 15 2:53pm
I have a tooth ache. I'm also quite drunk. The latter bit is helping with the former quite nicely.
Mar 14, 15 5:14pm
After picking up Smash for about ten minutes, ZS Samus now has solid waifu status.
Jan 27, 15 3:06pm
I need some Vietnamese food.
Dec 22, 14 1:41am
So yesterday I injured my foot walking several miles in horrid shoes. Today I got to walk six or so miles on that same injured foot. No fun.
Nov 04, 14 10:35am
Well, I've been gone for a while. How was everyone's Halloween?
Dilute Jeremy
Nov 02, 14 8:22am
Damn man, where the hell are you D:
Jeremy shared a forum thread
Sep 28, 14 5:34am Well, it's been a while, so I figure I'll p

Sep 26, 14 12:58pm
Holy crap, it feels good to have a computer again. Sure, my OS is just Kubuntu installed on a 8GB flash drive, but still a computer!
Jun 29, 14 4:24am
I've been watching a ton of anime lately.

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