Crystal Creation Jeremiah
Oct 13, 07 8:15pm
Stampage for you:

See you later.
Take care:
Naughty_Shorty Jeremiah
Oct 6, 07 6:48am
Yo mann!
Thought I would drop by and leave my stamp.

Yes, it's cool, I know =P
Well, catcha later!
HMHRefined Jeremiah
Aug 27, 07 2:13am
Hi Jeremiah! Hmm well I've seen you around in the forums pretty much everywhere. Great GFX and ummm I are running out of stuffs to say so I'll shut up and stamp you

Shippo says you should sign back Pwease~

bob247 Jeremiah
Aug 16, 07 1:18am
hears my latest stamp

and some of my old ones.

c ya around.
Thug Angel Jeremiah
Jul 27, 07 10:38pm
Why im doing this

Blah stupid entry minimum thingy >_> i always end up doing this random babbling at the end of these stupid GB signings to make them fit >_<'
Crystal Creation Jeremiah
Jul 22, 07 6:53am
Hey there!
So you're a fan of DNAngel eh?
Can't say i've seen it but I heard it's a great anime.
Anyway, i've seen you around some of the fourms
and you seem cool, so I decided to sign:

Send me a PM sometime if you get the chance.
See you around, man!

dragonluigi Jeremiah
Jul 16, 07 4:51pm

You've been guest book signed by dragonluigi!
tylon Jeremiah
Jul 16, 07 5:27am
this is for u have a good day. see ya around neoseeker.
Vicarious Jeremiah
Jul 2, 07 12:42am
Mind the text. LOL

You are also a great friend^^.
Firestar_1 Jeremiah
Apr 29, 07 9:48pm
Here's for makin' me that stamp it's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ sign back

king rock Jeremiah
Jan 27, 07 11:05pm
hey your sig is amazing Turles is the number one

Lord Aries Jeremiah
Jan 2, 07 6:46am
You like Gnarl's Barkley.

Therefore you pwn.

Happy new year, and may this new year usher in a wave of gfx and good food.
Tenshi Jeremiah
Jan 1, 07 5:40am
Just stopping by to wish you a Happy New Years. Have a great year, and hope this one was great too. Sign back if you can^^

Fluidity Jeremiah
Dec 24, 06 9:44pm
Happy Holidays! ^^

Tenshi Jeremiah
Dec 23, 06 9:59am
Hi, I figured I'd go ahead and sign you a bit early beacause I'm sure that I will probably be busy on Chrismas Day and I'm sure you will too. So anyways, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years. Have Fun and sign back when you can plz. =D Enjoy some holiday stamps.

Punk100 Jeremiah
Nov 23, 06 5:15pm
Azn_Applecake Jeremiah
Nov 4, 06 3:39am
yay bleach!

sign back!
Oni Jeremiah
Oct 25, 06 11:24pm
Cool Naruto banner. I have to know where you got that Naruto render...

Anyway, you make really good graphics and I just figured I'd do a random signing because of it. If you'd like, maybe we could be neofriends.

See ya.
help_me25 Jeremiah
Oct 18, 06 2:07am
thank you for making my new avatar. i love it. i have nbeen asking people but they said they didnt make them or they will do it later, but you did it right then and ther. thank you, again
Nickmonster Jeremiah
Oct 11, 06 5:56pm

Zanpakut Zanpakut
stamp stamp why Zanpakut
tell meeeeee!!!
do do do do invader zim
tracesupakriken Jeremiah
Oct 9, 06 9:48pm
um welp.. here ya go, got 2 new stamps

^that 1.. just had a change so.. ^^;;
Fluidity Jeremiah
Sep 13, 06 7:41pm
Love the banner and avatar. Bleach rules! Too bad I don't have an updated stamp, so here's my previous banner. XD

Hidden Slayer Jeremiah
Sep 3, 06 8:26pm
I decided to sign you GB to thank you for my userbar .
Here's my new stamp, hope you like it

ss5 Gogetaman Jeremiah
Sep 3, 06 7:33pm

This is a Random signing. Please sign back!
Foamy_The_Squirrel Jeremiah
Sep 2, 06 3:09am
It's like me signing your like guestbook like with my stamp so like here it is:

You got stamped by Shikamaru dude

Sign back D:<