Biography....hmmm well I was born 21 years ago on a cold dark night in May......

(some text missing)

...and now I live in one tiny room sharing it with another person in their father's house, along with his brother and a German Shephard called Kimi. She's a bit unhinged but it's nice to have some female company in a house of men. I work at selling all manner of dog related paraphernalia to shops and the general public alike. I am an avid fan of the Star Wars series, and spend more time than is healthy connected to various machines in the name of fun.

Love drinking cider, whiskey, rum or red wine, mostly whiskey mac (whiskey and ginger beer/ale) mixed pretty strong, and I don't tend to argue if someone offers me alcohol for free (hint hint?!)

I am in the process of writing "The Raptor Bible", a comic piece based around the phenomenon of "Raptor Jesus", in a blog at *self-blog-pimping-alert*

I don't think there's much more to say, other than Calorie Mate tastes bloody brilliant! Well worth the shipping costs ;)

Oh if anyone's interested I have some badly recorded music at I'd ideally like to metal it up, sort of Nightwish style, but I have neither musicians nor equipment. Would be very interested in meeting someone who does have them though!

Jenivere OUT


I'm a fan of gaming across all platforms, literally our collective console list is ridiculous, hence the "Electrohermits". I love music, writing and listening, not so much playing because I'm ridiculously bad at performing but that's of no matter really. As to types I'm a fan of Metal, Rock, 80s Cheese Rock (long live Europe!!), Classical, Acoustic, and Retro (Beatles, Jerry Lee Lewis, mostly 50s and 60s style).

When it comes to games, MGS as a series comes top of all. I also enjoy Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Kotor, Portal, Halo, DMC, POP, Soul Calibur and many more. Years ago my partner in crime turned a vague interest into an enthusiastic hobby, and I've never looked back. As I said we have a lot of consoles, but by far the best is the PS3. There's literally no more arguing about it, it's simply the best out there.


Jar Jar Binks is so annoying he makes the Ewoks look like Shaft.

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