Okay, name is Enelya, you can call me Elya. I'm ___ years old, and I live in a house. *Gasp* You didn't know that?!

I tend to be a little hyper, especially if I've been hanging out with my friend Debbie on
*Psssst!!!* Check out that website! I'm called Jengem on there too!

I go to a High School somewhere in England, and I have the best of friends ever there! Just one problem: we get too much homework...

I enjoy listening to music. My TOP-5 artists/bands at the moment are:
1. Lady GaGa
2. Lily Allen
3. Pink
4. Take That
5. Taylor Swift

My TOP-10 favourite songs at the moment are:
1. Boys Boys Boys *Lady GaGa
2. Papaer Gangsta *Lady GaGa
3. Lovegame *Lady GaGa
4. Chinese *Lily Allen
5. 22 *Lily Allen
6. Everyone's At It *Lily Allen
7. Sober *Pink
8. Teardrops on my Guitar *Taylor Swift
9. Said It All *Take That
10. Man Who Can't Be Moved *The Script


My Neo-Family!!
Princess Moon (neo-sister)
StarSimsLuva (neo-sister)
Diamondflame (neo-sister)
hailey5415 (neo-niece - iz her Auntie Jen!! XD)
C Falcon (neo-brother)
Hobohodo (Neo-brother)
Jordii (neo-sister-in-law)
KidKrillinAndGokuFan (distant neo-brother)
AmberSunset (neo-cousin, and cousin in real life!)
Pinkypink08 (neo-sister-in-law)
Kid_Krillin_And_Goku_Fan - "Jengem, you rock! Go sis!"
Pinkypink08 "Jen, JenWuffels I should say, this faithful friend and pet is one of the best girls you can meet. Friendly and fun there isn't one thing I don't love about this girl. They say taking care of a WolfWuffel is the worst well after taking care of you I'll never believe that. Never Change Jen!"


quote Jengem
So what d'ya think o' that!? HAH!

Every Day I Get Closer to the Border of Insanity...
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